PictureThis v3.82.1 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.82.1
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Glority LLC
Package:Google Play Link

If you are a nature lover then PictureThis app was born for you. It has a lot of interesting features that you will be surprised to discover.

Introducing PictureThis app

You stand on the side of the road, bewilderedly looking at a tree that you feel very familiar with but can’t remember what it’s name is. Instead of trying in vain, you can open PictureThis, snap a picture and instantly get all the interesting information about this plant. From the name, natural features, growth and development to care tips. PictureThis is so interesting.

When to use PictureThis?

Anyone who loves nature and trees. And we do not need to assert more about their importance. But for some reason, the names of plants are often forgotten in our memory. Sometimes you see it a few times, sometimes you see it many times. The feeling of being curious about a beautiful plant in front of your eyes, and obviously familiar with it but not being able to remember it, is really unpleasant. That’s why we need to use this “Name the tree” application.

PictureThis is the best tree name finder app, easy to use, simple to navigate. And most of all, the results obtained are very accurate. The database of trees in PictureThis’s memory library is also the “biggest” today, accompanied by an equally endless image store. So the ability to connect from the image to the name, for almost all plants, when using PictureThis is extremely high.

Detailed information, variety

PictureThis is also trusted by many people because of its large amount of accurate information. Even if you don’t have a need to know the name of a plant, but want to know how to care for and raise it. PictureThis can also provide such information. Or even if you want to know around where you are, is there any place with this beautiful tree? PictureThis can also support this part. Very unique, isn’t it?

PictureThis how to name the tree?

Simply open the application, bring up the camera, take a picture of the plant you want to know the name of. Photos after taking with PictureThis will be automatically saved to the application’s My Collection. Whenever you need to review, you can access it right away. Searching for images is also quite easy, by date taken, in alphabetical order of plant name or by image file name that you have previously set.

Or you can also choose another way that is to upload photos from the device. When you are surfing social networks, you are curious about the name and information of a certain plant, save that photo. Then you upload photos to this application to know all the information about that plant.

PictureThis is now able to identify more than 17,000 plant species with 98% accuracy. Not only does it display the actual species name but also the photo, PictureThis also gives all the details related to it. Description, soil, growing process, tree care tips and lots of beautiful photos of this plant from around the world.

Community of plant lovers

There are many people with the same interests as you. Everyone has a reason to come to PictureThis. When you sign up for an account on PictureThis, you immediately join the plant-loving community. This community includes everyone who has been using this application. Through PictureThis, you can quickly join this community of like-minded people. Here, you can see a series of photos of beautiful trees and leaves from other members. In addition, you can interact and share photos with everyone.

PictureThis currently has a large community of 700,000 people and is growing every day. The larger the community, the more building information, contributions, and interoperability of the application also increase. Join to be an active member of this great community!

Show locations with the species you are looking for

PictureThis has a very unique feature, Location Services. If this function is turned on, it helps you to display the locations with the species of tree you are looking for. This location will be pinned to the map. This feature works on PictureThis’s extensive community. Every time you take a photo and identify a tree, PictureThis will automatically save the location of that tree. Until other users turn on the location finding feature, the previously saved locations will be displayed on the map. That’s how it works in principle. And since PictureThis’s community is huge, it’s easy to find the location of the tree you’re interested in.

Summary of the main features of PictureThis

  • Discover thousands of plants, flowers and trees using advanced artificial intelligence;
  • Clear, detailed information about each plant you seek;
  • Fast and accurate search results;
  • Explore nature around the world through PictureThis’s vast knowledge base;
  • Provide the most technically correct plant care tips;
  • Simple, friendly and easy to use interface;
  • Constantly adding new data about nature and plants;
  • And many more new features will be added in the future.

MOD APK version of PictureThis

MOD features

Premium Unlocked: All Premium features of this app are completely unlocked for free.

Download PictureThis MOD APK for Android

Clean interface, easy to see, easy to use. The amount of information, the ability to connect the community is strong, the plant identification is 98% accurate, and it can also locate the places where the plants are looking. All these unique features focus on PictureThis. Any other reason not to download this application to your device?

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