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Last updated: 18/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:24.24
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Publisher:AA Mobile
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Assistant Pro helps control device status effectively, avoiding minor errors when using. As a result, saving battery life and optimizing functionality has never been so easy.

Introduce about Assistant Pro 

Assistant Pro helps us control everything on the phone quickly. Currently, this is the leading user support tool with a powerful and comprehensive manager.

In particular, the app has an advanced battery-saving and speed-boosting program. So your experience on Android devices will be greatly improved. Let’s learn about the application in some of the following characteristics.

What makes Assistant Pro different from other virtual assistant apps

People are too familiar with Siri, Cortana, or Google Now, the famous virtual assistants today. However, it is no coincidence that many people still choose to use Assistant Pro. In fact, the app has tons of different features. In which, activity monitoring, file management, memory cleaning have the most prominent effects. However, the main reason lies in the superior management of Assistant Pro. The application gathers all the features into a single application, easy to use and manage.

Assistant Pro – the better choice

Referring to the management application on Android, Google Now has been very popular. This virtual assistant impresses users with its high flexibility and sensitivity. App can work on both iOS and Android devices.

However, with long-term use, Google Now began to reveal “fatal” weaknesses. It is a web search flaw and the quality of the results returned is poor. The extended features are also not really convenient for users.

Meanwhile, Assistant Pro is designed to be minimalistic, capable of high multitasking. Just open the app, you can run all the different features on the main interface. Obviously, convenience and speed completely “eaten” Google Now. The time has come for us to choose such a comprehensive management tool.

Multi-tasking smart cleaning and management

Assistant Pro is an “all-in-one” app. Any of your needs can be satisfied with this versatile assistant. Some outstanding features on Assistant Pro include:

  • Process management
  • Increase device speed
  • Clean up the system
  • File management
  • Backup and restore

In particular, the process management feature (Auto boost and quick boost) is highly appreciated. The App monitors smoothly and can classify different processes. Therefore, the phenomenon of identifying and cleaning up wrong objects will no longer occur.

Activity tracking

Assistant Pro actually manages phone health comprehensively. The application regularly monitors the operation of machine components, including:

  • CPU
  • ROM
  • RAM 
  • SD card
  • The battery

Since all details are recorded in real time, the information is updated every second. Thereby, you can grasp the machine’s status without many checking steps in “Settings”.

Smart cleaning

Android memory is often not optimal, especially on low capacity devices. This is quite annoying for busy users, many schedules and sisters who like to take pictures. The reason is that not everyone wants to filter and delete each document and image when the memory is full. Assistant Pro with its cache cleaning feature will assist you with this task. The App systematically cleans the data on the removable storage.

Backup and restore

In addition, there is a backup and restore feature, storing important information. This feature helps us avoid “regret” but still have to delete, leaving room for memory.

Save battery and manage startup

In fact, when using, Android phones still have many files running in the background without you even knowing it. These files are often the main cause of rapid battery drain. Assistant Pro will remove as unused files right from the start of the machine. Thereby, the operation of the battery will be optimized.

In addition, the app also automatically adjusts Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, … to save energy. As a result, you can use your phone significantly longer.

Control a wide range of features on your phone

This app allows you to set the volume, phone ringtone, etc. These extensive features will make your experience more convenient and enjoyable. Through the app, you can also manage widgets neatly and quickly. With just one touch to the main interface of Assistant Pro, any problem can be solved.

APK version off Assistant Pro


Currently, Assistant offers two versions on the market: a free version and a Pro version. With the free version, we can satisfy basic needs, in addition to extended features. However, if you often use heavy tasks, the Pro version will be the right choice. In this version, not only the features but also the performance of the application are super top.

Assistant free version has “beaten” a series of virtual assistants today. So with the feature of the Pro version, how powerful can this application be?

As the name suggests, the task in Assistant Pro will be upgraded to the maximum, more quality, more “Pro”. The performance of the app increases significantly, making the phone run smoother and more powerful. Heavy applications such as games are handled quickly. As a result, the user experience will be taken to a whole new level.

Download Assistant Pro APK latest version for Android

Assistant Pro is undoubtedly an effective virtual assistant of all users. Not only phones, the app also supports many other devices in the Android ecosystem. With all the features mentioned above, this is definitely the first application you should download. Don’t forget to share your great experiences about this app with us.

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