Bravo Security v1.2.5.1002 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 05/08/2022 (2 years ago)

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MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Bravo GmbH
Package:Google Play Link

Bravo Security MOD APK is a comprehensive phone protection application. The App will remove all threats from viruses and junk apps on your device. Let’s learn about the outstanding features of Bravo Security.

Introducing Bravo Security: space cleaner

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of modern life. Keeping your phone safe from apps or files containing viruses is important. To do that, we need an effective tool to warn of bad effects. Even phones need to be scanned periodically. Bravo Security can completely handle the above tasks.

Bravo Security is considered a comprehensive phone protection tool. The application has a virus scan function and the phone risks you are facing. When a bad agent is detected, the app will destroy it immediately. In addition, the application also has a very good phone cleaning function. As a result, your phone will be speeded up and improved in efficiency.

Keep your phone safe with Bravo Security

Surely many users are confused about what to do to keep their phones safe. Currently, there are many programs and websites that contain malicious code for your device. Using anti-virus programs with computers has become extremely popular. However, with the phone is still quite new to such programs.

Bravo Security helps protect your phone. The application keeps the device in a safe state. In particular, the ability to quickly resist malware and virus-containing files. Thanks to this, the app will immediately warn the user when malicious elements are lost. Bravo Security automatically scans your device for malicious viruses. In addition, the application can also block applications containing malicious viruses for you.

Speed up and clean up phone memory

After using for a while, you will feel your phone “slow” a lot. At that time, we often think of cleaning up memory and applications. However, this takes a lot of time and sometimes we feel like we don’t want to delete anything. With Bravo Security, you can quickly scan your phone. Thereby, the app will detect which folders can be deleted to free up memory.

After each cleanup. Your phone will run smoother than ever. In particular, the application also helps you free up RAM, turn off background apps. This makes the operation on the phone easier and smoother.

Anti-virus scanning and automatic garbage cleaning

One function that makes the name of the application is the ability to remove viruses for the phone. With a simple scan in a few minutes, you’ve eliminated the risk of harm to your phone. Keep doing this once a week to keep your phone at its best. In addition, the application can also scan and remove viruses completely automatically.

In addition to antivirus, the application can also clean junk files professionally. You can manually clean up the junk in your phone with just 1 tap. This will keep your phone free of storage space. Free up memory on a regular basis to make your phone run more smoothly.

Save battery with exceptional performance analysis

Besides the outstanding features, Bravo Security also helps the phone save battery. When using this function, the application will automatically analyze the battery consumption of the phone. Also, monitor power-intensive applications. From there you can easily control your battery in a reasonable way.

In addition, activating the application will make the phone work in sleep mode. So the phone can keep the same battery for a period of time.

Besides, the application also has a Phone cooler function. This function allows the application to automatically close unused files. The application frees the files in the CPU so that the device does not get hot.

MOD APK version of Bravo Security 

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Download Bravo Security MOD APK latest version for Android

Bravo Security is a comprehensive phone protection application that has been developed and perfected. The application will protect your phone from external agents. Any electronic device is at great risk of being hacked. The phone has a virus that causes lag that affects performance. So, the protection of the phone is also a matter of concern.

Currently, Bravo Security is released and completely free to download. With just a few minutes, you can use the application to protect your phone. With full features such as scanning, virus removal, junk cleaner, phone cooler,… Download now to protect your phone today. You can download the application right from the link below.

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