Pure Tuber v5.0.1.001 Mod APK (Extra Features)

Last updated: 11/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:
MOD Info:Extra Features
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Pure Tuber Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Tired of annoying ads when watching videos on youtube? Don’t know how to remove them permanently? When you find this article of ours, it means you have found the solution. Download Pure Tuber MOD APK to usher in an ad-free era. This version of our has unlocked a premium subscription for you.

You can also try using Puffin Browser Pro to block all ads when visiting the web, watching movies.

Introduce about Pure Tuber

Youtube is the largest online video sharing platform in the world. However, in the last few years, it has been attached to a lot of ads with high frequency in each video. This makes users often feel extremely uncomfortable. If you use Chrome on your PC, you can install ad-blocking extensions. But if you watch youtube on your phone, you probably haven’t found a way to block ads. Therefore, Pure Tuber is your number one choice now. Why? Let’s learn about its features with us!

Block ads on Youtube

Of course, the most important feature that we need to talk about first is ad blocking. After installing Pure Tuber on your phone, it will affect the videos on Youtube and remove the integrated ads. This is the artificial intelligence technology that the publisher has placed in the application. You don’t need to do anything, the application is fully automatic. From there, you will not see any ads when watching videos on Youtube anymore.

In fact, Youtube also has its own ad-blocking subscription plan. As far as we know, it only fluctuates around 3-4 USD a month. This is a pretty cheap price, but Pure Tuber was launched to help those who don’t want to spend that money.

Play video in the background

A feature when you use youtube on your phone will feel uncomfortable. That video will stop playing if you switch to something else. Video only plays when your screen is open Youtube app. This is a problem that many people don’t like, because they can’t watch youtube and online social media at the same time. The solution is now available, and that is the birth of Pure Tuber.

When you watch youtube on this app, the video will always play even if you switch to another tab. It only stops when you turn off this application. You can play the video in the background, in such a way that the video will continue to play when you exit Pure Tuber to enter other social networking apps eg Line, Messenger, Whatsapp… – This app uses dark functionality minimized so that the video plays on a resizable and movable window in the corner of your screen. Now you can comfortably do other things and still watch youtube.

Video quality

Easily change Youtube video quality in many modes when you watch on Pure Tuber. It can play videos with all resolutions from 144p to 8K, allowing you to enjoy the best user experience. Network speed will also affect the download speed and image quality of the video. Normally, the system will automatically select the most suitable and stable 720p quality. However, if you feel the network speed is good, you can adjust it higher and up to 8k. You can also set the default quality for all videos. You just need to go to Gallery select Settings, select Video & audio to set the default quality for the video to play.

Video Player

Pure Tuber offers you 2 playback modes namely background and floating player. The background player we mentioned above. As for the floating player, this is also an interesting feature. It allows you to play videos in floating pop-up playback mode. It works like a chat bubble, which you can move around the screen. Besides you can also drag manually to resize the floating window. In addition, you can also perform screen recording of the videos you are watching. That way you can review it at any time and save it to your photo library. Note, please allow this tool to float above other applications the first time you use it.

Application interface

Pure Tuber has an interface that is no different from the youtube application you often watch. The list of suggested videos, the search bar… are all available. However, the wallpaper and theme will be a little different. In addition, the interface of Pure Tuber also has a number of other features and options. Each feature comes with a detailed description for users to access. In short, Pure Tuber is an application with a minimalistic, user-friendly and smart interface.

MOD APK version of Pure Tuber

MOD features

  • Dex unpacked and resources decrypted
  • Ultra compression
  • Disabled banner on exit
  • Double-click exit confirmation with notification
  • Auto-rotate activated, snapping to orientation only when you click the spread in the viewport
  • In landscape orientation, the display of the video list has been changed
  • Search for new versions is disabled
  • Removed all items in the profile window except settings
  • Removed unnecessary information in the text will share
  • Disabled toast notification about ad blocking
  • Disabled welcome window
  • Popular video notifications, quick search bar and auto-switching videos are disabled by default
  • Partial additional translation, as well as minor cleaning of forms in the interface
  • Removed trackers
  • Privileges unlocked.
  • Clickable links in comments
  • Blocked sending debugs to developer servers
  • CPU: Arm-v7a, Arm64v8a

Reviews from users

Pure Tuber has now received countless user reviews. Those who have used it will make the most accurate judgments about the pros and cons of this application. Please refer to the comments below for the most overview:

“The app is pretty good but there are some glitches. When I use it to watch some videos it lags and spins. I’ve reduced the quality to make it load faster, but that’s why I can’t see high quality”

“An application is too useful. Especially when this application knows how to think about customers’ feelings to improve, learn from YouTube.”

“Very good application! It can remove promotional videos that I absolutely hate. Thank you to the publisher for making such a good application. Can surf social networks while listening to music is very refreshing. 5 How’s that, I hope the publisher improves it.”

“It’s a great combination of an innovative music player and YouTube app. The idea is very good and makes sense. However, some functions need vip such as turning off the screen and not listening to music, which makes me difficult. bear”

“That’s good, this application has blocked all ads. Evening can listen to music, watch movies without being bothered by ads. Moreover, now I can play games and still listen to music. 5 stars for application”

“It’s great, especially when listening to music. But I think I need to add a download so that I can listen to music when I go somewhere like a morning jog. Thank you so much!!!”

Download Pure Tube MOD APK for Android

Download Pure Tuber MOD APK for AndroidWith Pure Tuber, you will never be bothered by ads when watching Youtube again. Now you can fully enjoy interesting videos in the most comfortable way. Convenient but also completely free, there is no reason for you to refuse. Moreover, this application is extremely light, only 8MB so it will not affect your device memory. Pure Tuber can also help you save battery life with various minimalisms. Very cool, please click on the link below to proceed with the installation.

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