Titan Quest: Legendary Edition APK v3.0.5339 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 02/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.5339
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Titan Quest is a game that has fascinated many people in 2006. Since its launch, this game has always attracted a large number of players. And Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is the most complete version after many updates. You will have a comprehensive experience of an adventure adventure in ancient Greece. This is the time when the war between heroes broke out.

Introduce about Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

To send to players the most complete version, the publisher HandyGame has continuously updated and revised. And the version that we are introducing here, is the complete version that includes technical updates and DLC. In addition, the graphics are also improved with many beautiful visual effects. If you are a fan of Titan Quest, then you should not ignore this version. Simply because it is so perfect, from content to graphics.

Travel to the mythical world

The gods cannot defeat the Titan one-handed, so they need your support. You will enter the mythical world as a righteous hero. Your actions will determine the glory or failure of the human world at that time. Explore ancient civilization and you can collect the most powerful beasts. They will help you a lot from the special skills.


The world in Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is vast. Although there are diverse beasts and monsters, but the character has only 2 heroes. That is also the only limitation of this game. Fortunately, the heroes in this game can use a variety of weapons and skills. Therefore, the player will be somewhat less bored because there are too few characters to choose from.


Equipment is an important factor in upgrading your strength. On the journey, you can find items and equipment with special attributes to enhance your victory and assist you. Legendary swords, powerful thunder spells or magical bows and arrows await your pick. There are countless other treasures with powers you can hardly imagine. Just win every match and complete the quests, they will belong to you.


In each challenge, you will have to defeat bigger and more powerful enemies until the goal is reached. Plunge into battle with the beasts you have gathered, forcing the Titans to kneel. Agility and flexibility in using skills is what you need in every fight. In the world of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, you can also confront the greatest villains in Greek mythology.

Large map

In this game, there will be lots of lands that you can explore. Legends of Partheon Temple, Egyptian Pyramids, Babylon Ash Gardens and many more are a great mystery, needing heroes like you to come and decode. The most difficult is probably the land of Ragnarok located in Northern Europe, which is full of difficult challenges. This place will challenge anyone who trespasses on it. Are you brave and strong enough to explore the mythical story here?


The graphics of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition are truly astounding. 3D images with realistic shading technology to the action. Add to that are the skill effects and extremely beautiful visuals. The setting of the ancient Greece period is set up, giving players a unique experience. The main screen is also designed to suit the phone, making it easy to observe and flexible in movement. The background music is constantly changing and the character’s voice is also voiced.

Download Titan Quest: Legendary Edition APK for Android

All major updates in Titan Quest have been technically overhauled to give you the best classic gaming experience ever. A perfect game from gameplay, content to graphics. This game sells for about $ 20 on Google Play, a price that is not cheap. However, we have sent you a completely free APK file below. You can download it now.

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