Tailed Demon Slayer v1.6.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD)

Last updated: 17/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.6.4
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, No Skill CD
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Tailed Demon Slayer MOD APK – an extremely attractive action role-playing game waiting for you to discover. This is a role-playing game that is not too stressful, highly entertaining. Therefore, it is being loved by many players.

Introduce about Tailed Demon Slayer

Game Tailed Demon Slayer is released by CookApps, a fairly famous game developer from Korea. Accordingly, this game offers a fairly simple, idle role-playing game. You will be taken to an epic adventure where you become the hero that saves the world. After the introduction below, you can choose to download the original or our MOD APK to experience.


Coming to Tailed Demon Slayer, you are involved in an epic battle to save the world from destruction. The story takes place in Bestia, a small and happy town. But that was the peace of the past, now, the town is shrouded in darkness. Undead bosses commanded by King Richie have sent troops to attack this small town. Their goal was to take over the world, and Bestia was only the first place where they carried out their plan.

Of course, the peace-loving people of the town wouldn’t let that happen. Heroes with special powers have stood together to fight Richie’s army of monsters. You are one of them, a hero with a noble mission. You will discover your potential, a natural possessor of strength, and learn new fighting skills to defeat all enemies.

Role-playing action gameplay

The gameplay in the game is quite simple. Your task in this game is to control your character to fight monsters. They appear everywhere to stalk and attack people. Find and destroy them before innocent people encounter them. With your inherent skills, defeat the monsters as quickly as possible.

Not only fighting alone, you are also supported by other teammates. Many heroes are ready for fierce battle against ferocious monsters. Go to their hideout in the dungeon to destroy them if your army is strong enough. In it, there are not only normal monsters, but also extremely powerful giant Bosses.

However, the role-playing gameplay of the game is not too stressful and dramatic. Instead, the battles in the game happen quite quickly, the player does not have to control the character too much. This is an idle gameplay, entertaining for players.

Character development

Initially, your main character only has a few basic skills. Those skills were only enough to fight the weakest monsters. Therefore, the character needs to develop new powers and skills. Unlock new skills with higher damage, more power. Later on, you will meet more and more powerful opponents. Especially the aggressive Bosses. If you do not have the strongest skills, the best weapons, you will hardly be able to defeat them. Therefore, character upgrading and development is very important.

Weapon systems and equipment

As an idle role-playing game, Tailed Demon Slayer does not invest too much in the character system as well as weapons. Each character has only four weapons. And you can only unlock each weapon, not available at the start. If you can collect and master all 4 weapons, the character will become invincible.

Along with that is the system of equipment and costumes. Although the weapon system and characters are few, you have a lot of options for them. There are many devices to help the character become stronger, look better. You have to use gems to buy those devices.

Cartoon style 2D graphics

The graphics of Tailed Demon Slayer developed are also quite simple. It only possesses average quality 2D graphics. Along with that is the image design in a quite funny cartoon style. The main characters, and even the monsters are simply created.

The character’s skill effects are quite impressive with eye-catching techniques. It is made up of colorful light effects, and even sound effects. But it is because of those skill effects that make the game quite messy. When the game in the game takes place, many characters using the same skills will create chaos.

MOD APK version of Tailed Demon Slayer

MOD features

  • No Skill CD
  • Unlimited Gold Coins, Gems;
  • Unlimited Skill Upgrade Stones.

Download Tailed Demon Slayer MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Tailed Demon Slayer is a pretty interesting game. If it was improved in terms of visuals, perhaps the game would be much better. Anyway, this is a game worth playing, because it does not require too much skill or strategy like other role-playing games.

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