NU: Carnival APK v1.1.1 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 20/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.1
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:PINKCORE Inc.
Package:Google Play Link

NU: Carnival APK is a role-playing game with a different gameplay compared to other role-playing games, especially a very diverse storyline. You will be free to explore and experience a vast fantasy world with many mysteries.

Introduce about NU: Carnival (EROLAB)

NU: Carnival is developed by PINKCORE Inc., a well-known game development unit. However, their product is not released on Google Play. Not long ago, REDMOD introduced to readers another product of PINKCORE Inc. It’s Rise of Eros. This game is loved by many players in recent times. And NU: Carnival is also a good choice for you.

Fascinating storyline

The most impressive point of the game NU: Carnival is probably the plot. The game is set in a place called the Klein Continent. Several hundred years ago, this place fell into turmoil due to the spirits of this Continent. And a man named Grand Sorcerer, aka Huey solved that problem. He built altar hashes all over the Continent. Each altar has a gem so he can seal the elements that cause imbalance. And Huey and his descendants maintained that status for many years.

But until 20 years ago, Huey disappeared for no reason. Soon after, the poetry tables were not maintained by anyone, so they were disbanded. That caused the Klein Continent to fall into disequilibrium once again. And monsters appeared everywhere in this land.

Until one day, Nuey’s descendants appeared to solve this calamity. Those created by Huey earlier had summoned a man from another world. His name is Eiden, a man who has the ability to correct the balance of this Continent. He will take on the task that Huey has carried out over the years. His goal is to seal the clan members, then restore the neon gems’ powers to find their way home.

Role-playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game NU: Carnival is developed in a role-playing style combined with adventure. You will explore the entire Klein continent with 4 different locations. These are Land of Light, Land of Water, Land of Jungle and Dead Zone. To each place, you will have to summon new characters and heroes through the gacha system. Then put those heroes to fight monsters. Since the Continent fell into disequilibrium, monsters appeared in every corner of the Continent.

In the adventure journey, you will be able to collect a lot of characters. They are all handsome and charming guys. Each guy has his own appearance and fighting ability. And they all have their own stories. You can discover those stories through interacting with them.

Unlock new stories

In addition to the main plot, the game also has side stories that are equally attractive. However, those stories are not available for you to discover. You have to complete the quest to be able to unlock those stories. So how to complete the task? You just need to increase the intimacy between the characters in the game. Those are the conversations, flirting and dating between the guys in the game. You don’t get it wrong, it’s love between men.

Graphics and sound

Game NU: Carnival is developed with Anime-style 2D graphics quite similar to otome games. The most impressive point of the game is the character creation. The main character system is all tall guys with enchanting faces. Every guy has their own face, and their own style. Especially their costume system is also very diverse and beautiful.

An important factor in the success of this game is the sound and music. In each different situation, you will enjoy different background music. They are subtly integrated, suitable for each situation in the game. Along with that is the extremely lively sound effects. You can even hear each character’s breath clearly in the game’s cutscenes. Therefore, we recommend that you wear a headset when experiencing the game. And each character is professionally voiced.

Download NU: Carnival APK, IPA latest version for Android, iOS

NU: Carnival offers a unique and equally engaging experience. It makes a difference compared to other games of the same genre. Therefore, it is at the top of the most popular games on the EROLAB platform. If you like it, you can download the experience now via the link below. You cannot download the game on Google Play, so you can only choose the APK or IPA version that we provide.

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