Ella 2048 v1.0.8 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 21/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.8
MOD Info:God Mode
Package:Google Play Link

Welcome to an engaging adult game with RPG elements. You will begin your journey to save the world and topple the evil forces of Mutant Merthings. You can also consider using our MOD version to make the game experience easier.

Introduce about Ella 2048

Ella 2048 is an RPG game with a unique storyline and gameplay. In addition to the role-playing gameplay, this game also incorporates challenging puzzle mechanics. You can summon over 50 beautiful and charming Ellas to stand with you. More than that, you can give them love through adult acts.


The world is extremely dangerous when the Mutant Merthings forces invade and destroy. At that time, the beautiful and elite Ellas girls devoted their strength to fight to protect peace. Your mission is to take on the role of Master to summon all Ellas to your team. You will lead the team fighting your way through the evil mutant arsenal.


Ella 2048 has a strategic choice of style and composition. Your task is to find the cards of the best Ellas. They will be an infinite source of power for you to defeat all monsters. The context of each match will be two high-pitched arenas. One of the metrics will be the position for you to organize your formation and strategy. Each match you can call up to 10 Ellas and they will turn out to battle. The match will end when either one has no one left on the ring. You can also use medicine to recover in battle.


The world of Ellas 2048 has a total of more than 50 beautiful and charming Ellas. Each Ellas has their own unique skill. These could be skills that deal great damage or heal the whole team. A complete team should have the full range of Ellas from resistances, damage and assists. Ellas can also be upgraded and customized to increase strength. Fighting will help you increase the main level. Each time you level up you will have points for you to increase the stats for the Ellas.

Level of difficult

When starting to fight, there will be 3 difficulty levels for you to choose from. At first you should choose the easy level because you don’t have much power. Later, when you have summoned enough Ellas and have considerable power, you can choose from difficulty mode and hell mode to get more items.

Adult moments

Join Ella 2048 to enjoy 150 moments of lovemaking by beautiful Ellas. The action of love is rendered with realistic, realistic 3D graphics. You will be immersed in comic-style love stories and voiced by famous actors.


Ella 2048 is developed with beautiful 3D graphics. Skills are inserted with animations to inspire each battle. The character in the game is made up with a beautiful and cute appearance. The background music also changes flexibly to inspire players.

MOD APK version of Ella 2048

MOD feature

  • X3 Damage
  • God (1 Damage)
  • Combo Count X5
  • Attrack Count X5

Download Ella 2048 MOD APK for Android

Ella 2048 is an engaging game in both story and gameplay. You will not be able to take your eyes off when you experience this game. Join us! You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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