The curse of stepmother Emily v2.2.7 Mod APK (Remove Ads)

Last updated: 13/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.2.7
MOD Info:Remove Ads
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:IndieFist Horror Games
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If you are looking for an adventure game with horror gameplay, The curse of stepmother Emily will be a good choice for you. This is a brand new adventure game, giving you unforgettable experiences.

Introducing The curse of stepmother Emily

Horror adventure games make any player scared. It even left hauntings after playing. And those who have a weak heart or can’t stand the feeling of horror and mystery, they can’t play this game genre. But there are still a lot of people who like this type of game, even though they fear that feeling of horror. Because we are always curious, discovering mysteries even though we know it is scary. In previous articles, REDMOD introduced a few horror adventure games such as: Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, Unreal Life or Specimen Zero.

And The curse of stepmother Emily is also an attractive adventure game no less than the names mentioned above. The game is developed by IndieFist Horror Games. This is a game company famous for its horror game genre. Accordingly, this new version is developed with adventure and exploration gameplay with a horror theme. Players will be playing the role of a poor girl, tortured by her stepmother. You will have a realistic experience with that character thanks to the 3D graphics.


In the game, you play as the main character, a pitiful girl. She is living with an evil stepmother. And your father is being kidnapped, or missing by some strange incident. You must find a way to understand the truth and rescue your father. And the stepmother is always looking for ways to torture you. You and her live together in a wooden house, a house full of fear in the middle of the forest. This makes you feel even more scared. Because if something happens, no one can help you.

In that mysterious wooden house, there are many strange stories happening. From the destruction of antiques, the appearance of strange toys. This house seems to have been cursed. And your stepmother is the one directly affected by that curse. She can change her personality at any time. At one point she was normal, but within a minute she had turned into a villain with cunning eyes. You have to face these horror stories throughout the gameplay. Only when you discover the truth can you get out of there.

Horror adventure gameplay

In the game, your task is to uncover the truth behind this mysterious wooden house. You get to adventure and explore in the house and the places around it. Of course, this adventure is not interesting at all. It is an adventure full of fear and obsession. Only when you really immerse yourself in the main character and feel her story will you see that invisible fear. Childhood abuses make you afraid of your stepmother. You feel her like a madman with more cruelty than a witch.

Stay in that wooden house, find out the source of everything. There are many secrets behind this haunted house. It is possible that your stepmother is under a curse, or is possessed by a certain spirit. Overcome fear, face the spirits to complete the mission in this game.

Graphics and sound

The curse of stepmother Emily owns an impressive 3D graphics background. The images in the game are designed quite detailed and eye-catching. A mysterious wooden house was created, located in the middle of a deep forest, creating a creepy feeling. It was a place without the appearance of neighbors or the presence of anyone. The scene in the game is covered with scary dark colors. With multi-dimensional rotation, you can observe the entire scene in the game.

In addition, the sound also contributes to creating a realistic horror experience. While exploring the house, you will be startled by strange sounds. The broken objects, the evil stepmother’s footsteps and sometimes the eerie stillness of this wooden house.

MOD APK version of The curse of stepmother Emily

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The curse of stepmother Emily mang đến một trải nghiệm đáng sợ mà không cần sự xuất hiện của ma quỷ, hay những nhân vật đáng sợ khác. Nỗi sợ của game lại đến từ sự bí ẩn của bà mẹ kế, khi bạn không biết rằng bà ta đang bị linh hồn đeo bám. Và ngay cả những đồ vật trong nhà cũng khiến bạn cảm thấy sợ hãi. Nhìn chung, đây là một game phiêu lưu rất đáng thể bạn trải nghiệm. Lưu ý, game không dành cho trẻ em, vì nó có thể ảnh hưởng đến tâm lý của bọn trẻ.

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