Specimen Zero v1.1.1 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 24/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.1
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Café Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Your life is at stake, find a way to escape! Join the game Specimen Zero now to immerse you in an unprecedented horror adventure. Every second in this game to be the feeling of suspense, fear. If you want to find thrills, then this is the game you need. Escape is easier with support items, download our MOD APK version so you can shop for free.

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Introduce game Specimen Zero

Horror game genre is always loved and interested by players. So it has many different variations to bring new experiences to users. Specimen Zero is a horror game of the house escape genre. Here, you need to learn, solve puzzles to gather information and find the exit. Time is limited, every moment of silence slows down your pace. The horror element of the game is further emphasized through the realistic, scary images of the character and space. Sit down and join your escape journey now!


You wake up in a strange and a little scary place. All you remember is that you seem to have been kidnapped here. Danger is what you feel most when you wake up. Your survival instincts make you determined to find a way out of this place. However, this is a rather large place and you have no idea which way will help you escape. Time is short, you have to find out for yourself. Be careful in every step, even a small noise can make you stay here forever!

Find out the place and the story

You don’t know a single bit about this place or your kidnappers. Therefore, you must learn it step by step to be able to leave here. So what do you need to do first? In this game, it is important for you to find useful items. They will open up passages and quests to guide you on how to get out of here. With that, you have to remember every path, every path in this place. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of time every time you return to a certain place.

Each useful item will also correspond to a puzzle. To unlock stories and hints, you need to solve them. The answers to those questions are also located around this place. Your job is to analyze what suggestions this puzzle has, where can it be found… This is also quite a difficult challenge and takes you a lot of time.

Do everything in silence

The feature of escape games is not to make any noise. Any sound can be detected by your captor. Therefore, you should move gently, do not collide with objects that make noise. Specimen Zero is a fully interactive game where you can touch any object on the screen. Therefore, it creates maximum realism. Accidentally touching the glass or dropping something is very likely your game will be over.

Your kidnapper will also occasionally patrol around. If you let them catch you, you will surely die. Slowly hide behind other objects and wait quietly for them to pass. If there is no other way and let them find out, iteam support will help you out. While exploring the place, you will receive important weapons. It could be a knife or a rifle. Take down the person who discovered you as quickly and gently as possible. Then continue your escape process.

The game is not for children

You should not let children play this Specimen Zero game. Horror and cruel images will scare them away. Besides the creepy sound, the death scenes will be even more emphasized. If children can see it, it will cause many bad consequences. Make sure you are over 18 years old and extremely healthy before playing this game.

More attractive when playing with friends

Not many similar games today feature play with friends. But Specimen Zero will bring that rarity to you. There is nothing better than having teammates to help you overcome all challenges. They can help you out in dangerous situations. In addition, people can also split up to find clues or reason together to solve puzzles. If one player is caught again, the other players can still continue to play. However, the kidnappers will patrol more.

To be able to connect with each other, you must play the same version. Then select the same area in the Multiplayer Menu. At that time, the system will connect the devices together and bring everyone into the game. That way, you can explore and complete the challenge together.

Graphics, sound

Detailed 3D graphics and dark, horror images are covered in this game. The game scene is a desolate place with many blood stains, strange objects creating an atmosphere of suffocation. The scary is also multiplied with the main dark tones and creepy sounds. Background music throughout the game is always played and pushed to the climax when you encounter unexpected situations. No one knows behind the other door and the scary images will test your bravery. Your kidnappers are also a mystery, and they will startle you with their cold, scary appearance.

MOD APK version of Specimen Zero

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping: Items that have to be paid for with real money can also be purchased for free.

Download Specimen Zero MOD APK for Android

Specimen Zero was created by an independent developer, so it will not be free from shortcomings. Overall, we feel this is a good and attractive game, very addictive. The reason is because the escape gameplay is loved by many people, along with the quality 3D graphics. Everything emphasizes the horror element and gives players many different emotional states. If you like scary adventure escape game experiences, then Spec Sample Zero is the perfect choice!

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