PK XD v1.43.0 Mod APK (Unlocked, No Ads)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.43.0
MOD Info:Unlocked, No Ads
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

PK XD is a virtual life simulation game where you are free to do everything you want, build, decorate, pet, play for hours with friends. Calling PK XD a world is also right, but calling it a collection of fun games is also correct.

Introducing the game PK XD

This game is published by Afterverse. And it is not a new game, but has been released for a long time. But so far, PK XD still has a lot of players participating. The game has earned hundreds of millions of downloads from Google Play. Along with that are several hundred million accounts registered to participate in the game experience. It is developed with an open-world adventure gameplay in mind. Here, you are free to build and do everything in your own world.

What is PK XD?

There are games made to bring players into the world of its own story. Some other games give players a platform, an open world to freely write their own story. PK XD is a simulation and adventure game that gives you that, in a fun, energetic way.


PK XD will simulate all the fun and exciting activities that a person can enjoy in the virtual world. Freedom, that’s the first thing you feel when entering this game. First of all, you will need a character to represent you. Boy or girl, cool or just cute, personality or temperate, monochrome or colorful, long hair or short hair… You can choose any image according to the style you want.


Then build a house. You will use the materials you get to make a house with 3 rooms and a hallway. Building items do not cost money to buy or pay to have, so players are comfortable. Choose a place to build a house, choose the main materials for the construction process, arrange the layout of the house, the space behind the front, rectangular layout, square, long or short corridor… The choice is all up to you. The larger and more complex the house, the longer it takes to build. Depending on your inspiration with each stage that determines the size of the house. Because there are many other things waiting behind.

Interior design and decoration

After building the house, it’s time to decorate the house. At this point, you need to earn money to buy furniture and decorations large and small in the house. Money can be earned by playing minigames in virtual cities, or interacting with people around to do things together. With money you can buy what you want. Not only for home decoration, but also for yourself: clothes, accessories and everything. What matters is how much money you have on hand. In the process of building, decorating, and embellishing, you can customize, renovate, and transform anything you want, any time.

Interact with friends

The fun doesn’t stop there. There is much more to fun in this virtual world. It’s not just you here. There are many other players. They also have houses, have this and that. You can take the initiative to get to know them, create relationships, make friends, visit their homes, chat, walk around the neighborhood, go shopping, eat together. Live like a real young person in this dynamic city, you will find this game playing forever, the more you play, the busier you are.

To truly immerse yourself in the world and find endless fun, you’ll need to interact and build relationships with the players around you. Once you have friends in the virtual world, you can go swimming with them to enjoy the feeling of relaxation in the blue water, go to parties, dance, play games together. Each activity offers a different fun experience and helps you earn more money.


Once the house is built, settled in, decorated, now you will need a pet friend. Choose for yourself a lovely pet in the pet store. Bring it home, raise and care for it like a real-life pet. You can play together, do all kinds of mischief together as two friends. In the process of raising that pet, you can slowly upgrade from a normal pet to a rare pet. The more toxic the pet’s appearance, the more interesting it is to accompany it.

Put everything together

PK XD is also attractive in the combination feature. You are free to combine ordinary things together in unexpected ways to create a unique item. For example, ninja hats, cat masks, Halloween socks… Unlimited fashion, unlimited creative combinations. Feel free to express, because in the world of PK XD, the more unique, the more personality and interesting.

Important events of the year

Once in a city, you can’t afford to miss important seasonal events. Welcoming the New Year, Easter, Halloween, Christmas… Do not miss these occasions because this is a chance to meet and join a festival with friends. It’s time to decorate everything around in your own way and participate in big games to receive valuable prizes.

MOD APK version of PK XD

MOD features

  • Remove ads for free;
  • Unlock all houses (but only you see);
  • Note: Please enable the MOD feature after creating the character.

Download PK XD MOD APK for Android

Large community of millions of people are waiting for you in PK XD. Lots of fun activities that never stop exciting and creative participation. This game is a fun virtual world of everyone’s dream. Right now, you can download PK XD MOD APK to experience it.

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