Kid of USSR v1.2.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Last updated: 17/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Today, REDMOD brings you an adventure game with a new theme that you have never played in any other game. This game is Kid of USSR, a product of the publisher iTales.

Introduce about Kid of USSR

Have you ever thought how your life without internet, without modern technology toys would be like? What hobby would you have that is not related to modern things? Come to the game Kid of USSR, you will be back in the 80s to experience the old life.

Back to childhood

Kid of USSR is set in the Soviet Union in the 80s. This game will be suitable for people of the former Soviet Union such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. And of course, players around the world can also explore this game to learn about the culture and life of the people of the Soviet Union back in the day. Coming to the game, you will be entering an adventure about the past, the childhood of your parents’ generation. Thanks to this game, you understand what happens when your parents and grandparents were young.

Specifically, you start the game with a character at the age of 13. The context of the game takes place in the Soviet Union in 1985, the period when this nation was about to collapse and form independent countries. And you play the role of that character to discover the life and culture here in the most authentic way.

Discover the beauty of the Soviet Union in the 80s

In each period, and in any place, there are cultural beauties of that place. And so was the Soviet Union. In times of political complexity, but this place still has a peaceful and beautiful life. In this game, you can discover those beauties, experience an interesting life.

Experience life without social networks

Currently, adults and teenagers, even children, have access to social networks very early. Children will not have happy and memorable memories when they are exposed to technology too early. So you let them participate in the game Kid of USSR. This game will help them experience a memorable life without the appearance of the internet and technology toys.

When playing the game, you can participate in many different activities like a real life. You can go to school, have fun with friends, participate in community activities,… All of these activities are inspired by real events that took place in the past.

Simulated 3D graphics

Kid of USSR is developed with a pretty good quality 3D graphics. The scenes of cities, villages, and schools are set up like a movie. The character system and even the smallest details in the game are meticulously designed. In addition, the game is also designed with a realistic environment with day, night and weather like in real life.

MOD APK version of Kid of USSR

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • Unlocked: All content in the game is unlocked.
  • Unlimited Money: Money will increase as you spend (enable it in MOD Menu)

Download Kid of USSR MOD APK latest version for Android

If you play the free version downloaded from Google Play, you can only play the first part of the content of the game. You have to spend money to unlock the later parts. However, with the Kid of USSR MOD APK version, all the content in the game has been unlocked. Especially, this version is completely free and easy to install. The link to download the game has been posted, you can choose to download it via the link below.

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