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Last updated: 17/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.5.2
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Do you know how to comfort someone? Do you already know how to help someone who has just gone through the worst days regain joy? So come to Teaching Feeling, a direct interactive game mixed with 18+ elements. What will you do when you adopt a beautiful girl? Join the game and show your thoughts!

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Introduce game Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling is a direct interactive game with the story of the 18+ genre for Android. You will join the game as the main character and be able to change all developments in it. The plot is quite diverse and many open endings, you can experience this game many times without getting bored. Specifically, let us explore it!


You will play the role of a doctor in this game. One day, a stranger comes knocking on your door. After a while of talking, you realize that it is the person you saved your life in the suburbs the day before. This time, he comes to pay the fee and asks you for a small request. His former owner had just passed away, leaving a part of his property behind. What puzzled him was that in that portion of the estate, there was a girl – the slave of the former master. He asks you to adopt and take care of the girl. What would you do in this situation?

This girl is named Sylvie, quite beautiful and cute. Just because of the violence of her former owner, she became scared and always had low self-esteem, her body was full of beatings. If you adopt her, will you help Sylvie return to her joy? Or you will make her a slave to meet personal needs like the old owner did, true to the nature of an 18+ game. The choice is yours!


Entering the game, you will have to take care of Sylvie and make her healthier. After a terrible time living with her former master, she gradually becomes weak. As a live interactive game, you will have situations to choose from. What happens after that will depend entirely on your choice. Besides that, you will have 3 main actions you can take:

  • Talk: to make things go well, talk a lot with Sylvie. This will make her more comfortable and open to you.
  • Rub your head: this act of intimacy will make Sylvie feel more comforted. She seems shy, but it would be better if you patted your head every day.
  • Touch: this will frighten Sylvie and remember the scary past. Although it is an 18+ game, we see it as a “should not be”. Although she won’t protest because you are the owner, but for the better, clear your head and talk more.

The game will be over if Sylvie dies. Therefore, do your best to take care of her and comfort her so that the story can drag on. If you make Sylvie feel safe, you can feel free to do adult affairs with her cheerful approval.

Chat box

Chat box on the right for you to perform actions and words. Above are 3 actions on the head, talking and touching as mentioned above. And below, is a separate section for you with live chat and random chat.

  • Live Chat: you can talk to Sylvie using your own words. By typing in the chat box, Sylvie will hear your words and reply. This is a unique feature that not all direct interactive games have.
  • Chat random: you will be provided with available quotes to chat with Sylvie. Just click on “chat random”, the chat box will display a lot of sentences for you to choose from.

Sylvie’s stats

Sylvie has 2 indexes: health and intimacy. If these two are too low, she will be sadly sick and die. Once there, the game will stop and you can only make a fresh start. The turning point will be on the 15th, when Sylvie will definitely fall ill. At this point, you need to take good care and comfort her and keep the 2 stats above 50. Overcoming this difficult period, you and Sylvie will get closer.

Save the game progress

You can save game progress at any time. You can save 6 progressions at 6 fascinating stages you see. Then, you can re-experience at any time, at any stage. Just press the button “save” and choose the storage frame, you can exit the game with peace of mind.

Instruction to open Teaching Feeling

For Vietnamese version, you can upload and open normally.

For the English version, follow these steps:

  • Open the game, press Menu and select Skip
  • Wait a while for the Menu to reappear, press and select Skip again
  • Continue to wait for the Menu to appear, click and select Auto to play

Download Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Despite being in the 18+ category, Teaching Feeling also has its positives. You cannot touch the girl’s body indiscriminately, condemn the abuse of children and women. It’s time to join in and change the life of a pitiful orphan. If you do this well, you will get rewarded. Download the game and experience it now with us!

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