Hamster Village v1.10.19 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 19/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.10.19
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Hamster is a human friendly mouse. They are very intelligent and have a good appearance compared to other rats. That is why many people keep hamsters as their pets. They are small but very intelligent and can make friends with us. Today, we introduce to you a very interesting hamster breeding game. This game is called Hamster Village.

About Hamster Village

Hamster Village is a new mobile game just released by NLABSOFT. This is a popular new game developer recently. They have quite a few products, but none of them are really popular yet. And Hamster Village is the latest product from this developer. Currently the game is quite interested in many people.

Build the island in fairy tale

Join the game Hamster Village, you will be able to build a fairy-tale island in a dream for the lovely hamsters. In the game, you will see many different hamser species. They not only have different appearance, but are also equipped with different outfits. You will meet adorable hamsters in suit, woodcutter clothes, … Collect lots of hamsters to make your island crowded and bustling every day.

The island you create will be displayed as an extremely eye-catching 3D model. Although every image in the game is just a simple model, it is very cute. Therefore, the game is suitable for both adults and children, boys and girls, especially those who love hamsters. Make your island beautiful and happy every day!

MOD APK version of Hamster Village

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: We do not offer large amounts of money at the very beginning of the game. Instead, the amount you spend increases with each use, not decrease at all. Thanks to that, the amount of money will be more and more and never run out. With this feature, you can experience the game more easily.

Download Hamster Village MOD APK for Android

Overall, the gameplay of Hamster Village is not too complicated, it is just for entertainment and relaxation. But for sure this game will be addictive for those who love Hamster. Or you want to feed these adorable mice without conditions, you can play Hamster Village. Right now, you can download Hamster Village MOD APK to experience this great game.

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