Havenless v1.8.1 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 05/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.8.1
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

How will the love story between humans and Zombies take place? This situation is quite special, do you want to join the game Havenless MOD APK and be the main character in it? It all depends on your choices.

Introducing Havenless

Havenless MOD APK will put you in an engaging and dramatic storyline. This interactive otome game is where you will have to make many decisive choices. The mysterious and dangerous Zombie world ahead will give you many challenges. Havenless is a visual novel game where you can create your own ending. Your creativity is endless, the game will help you open up unpredictable fascinating developments!

The plot of the Zombie world

Spring, people often think of a beautiful atmosphere, but it does not happen in the world of Havenless. A month ago, an infectious disease source of unknown origin appeared. The ability to spread is extremely fast and it is gradually expanding to the whole city. Currently, you are also infected and have the ability to mutate into a zombie. Even when you’re about to become a zombie, you still want to find something… Does this city still have a safe place for you?

After a few days of infection, you meet a priest. His name is John, who has the power to cure your condition. But first, he needed to find the source of the infection to bring back for research. While he was still aware, you gave him a lot of important information. In the next stage, you will also meet many other characters and they are ready to help you. One day, when you have recovered from your illness, will you open your heart to someone who has helped you?

Unlock new episodes

The plot of Havenless is quite long and the publisher has divided it into several volumes. You will explore each episode in turn to gradually approach its evolution. The episodes are all closely linked, you need to complete them in the order of unlocking. Breaking up the plot is also very convenient for your later experience. For example, if you like a certain episode, you can immediately access and experience it. There is no need to start over from the beginning, which is quite time consuming. This interactive story is full of zombie content, romance, unexpected situations… and you can experience it all.

Meet many new characters

Havenless’s protagonist route has four people constantly appearing around you. They are the ones who lead you to the plot and they will also be your companions. One of them will most likely turn out to be the person you fall in love with.

  • Shane: childhood friend who keeps his promises and delivers on excellence;
  • Lance: who must return to the safe zone;
  • Noah: the mysterious guy you will meet on the street, will he help you or leave you alone;
  • Samantha: dead girl trying to achieve her goal.

Collect items to survive

There are many different items in Havenless’s shop. Those are all accessories to help you temporarily avoid the change of the source of the disease. It stunts growth so you don’t become a zombie. Besides that, there are some quest items, gloves, pepper spray, even weapons. These items are sold for Ruby, a unit of money that you can earn in-game.

Make your choice and decide the end for yourself

After the opening paragraph, you will probably understand what is going on. Then there are the events that take place continuously with climax and fast-paced. Along with the choices that are opened up, you need to choose to continue the story. Look for options that will enhance your emotions, create an open and beneficial course of action for you in the future. You can create countless different endings in Havenless. Happy ending or overflowing sadness, it all depends on you!

Graphics, sound

This game tells a story based on beautiful illustrations. We are impressed with the pretty quality character design that the publisher brings. Along with music, sound effects, and instructions, you’ll be quickly immersed in engaging stories.

MOD APK version of Havenless

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices

Download Havenless MOD APK latest for Android

Havenless MOD APK brings a mysterious, fascinating plot and many romantic elements. It is also like a survival game where you search for life before the epidemic and your love. You can directly interact with the plot, direct your own destiny and create happy endings. Your choices are decisive, be alert in all situations! For now, you can download the game through the link below.

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