Turmoil v3.0.64 Mod APK (Unlocked All)

Last updated: 15/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.64
MOD Info:Unlocked All
Requires:Android 5.0+
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The game that REDMOD presents today is an extremely attractive business simulation game. It is not an idle business game like the games we introduced earlier. It’s a real strategy game, a game inspired by historical events from the 19th century. This game is Turmoil.

Introducing the game Turmoil

Turmoil is not a new game for those who love the business simulation game genre. Because it was first released in 2016. It’s the PC version, developed by Gamious. Right from the first days of launch, this game has received the attention of a large number of players around the world. And to this day, there are still many players who love Turmoil.

But nowadays we often play mobile games more than PC games. Therefore, Turmoil has been released a mobile version for players to experience more easily. Accordingly, the Turmoil mobile version was released by a unit other than Gamious. That is LTGAMS GLOBAL, a game company that is also quite famous today. This mobile version is still based on the same content and gameplay as the original PC version. And of course, you will have a new experience on the touch screen.

Story of the game

The context of the game Turmoil takes place in the 19th century, in the United States of America. According to recorded history, at that time, the American Far West had an oil fever. That place takes place a life full of violence and gunshots are heard every day. But in the game, you don’t have to witness the chaos of combat, you only see the chaos of the oil exploration.

Accordingly, you are taken to arid deserts along with poor towns. And you can’t starve here, you have to get rich and assert your talented business ability. Let’s start an oil business, which is extremely scarce in this land. Starting from a small oil store, you have to upgrade and develop the oil industry for your whole town. Turn the town where you live into an oil territory and you are the tycoon of this place. Remember that there are many competitors to you.

Business simulation gameplay

As introduced, Turmoil is not an idle simulation game. It is a simulation game but with real strategy. Your task is to build an oil factory, trade in oil to get rich. From an ordinary person, you need to do everything to become a master in the oil business. Show your leadership to your competitors. They are other players from all over the world.

Manage your Oilfield

The first thing that you need to do, of course, is to find a suitable place to start your business. Auction the first pieces of land in town. Then you start looking for the source of the oil with dowsers, moles, or sweepers. Once you have discovered the ideal oil fields, exploit them and sell them for the first revenue streams. You need to manage your oil field carefully, make sure the plant is working properly and without any problems.

Everything in your business is up to you. From the construction, creating the pipeline network, choosing the means of transportation to selling oil… Everything is important, directly affecting your development path. The sale of oil also needs to be calculated reasonably, to get the highest possible price. Please wait for the most suitable time!

Upgrade technology, expand connectivity

If you don’t upgrade your business model, you’ll never get rich. So let’s upgrade everything in the business model to continuously grow oil production and supply. There are many things that need to be upgraded, be it machinery, human resources, vehicle systems, storage… In addition, you also have to open a small pub to serve customers associated with your factory. me.

Promoted to mayor

Your goal is not just to become the richest man in the oil business. But you also have to become the mayor, who holds the most shares in the town. To do that, you have to make a lot of money in the oil business in a breakthrough way. Then you use the money to buy stocks. If you can afford it, you can become the mayor with the largest number of shares!

Simple 2D graphics

As for the graphics of Turmoil, we do not rate much. Because the game only possesses 2D graphics, it is not too prominent, but it is sharp enough for you to feel satisfied. The visual design in this version is not much different from the original on PC. The game mainly creates attraction from attractive gameplay, not images. It is a simulation game, not a role-playing game, so a high-end 3D graphics platform is not required.

MOD APK version of Turmoil

Features MOD

Unlock All. This game allows you to download the game to experience it for free. However, that is only part of the content of the game. If you want to play the whole thing, you have to pay for premium content. For various reasons, many players were unable to purchase those pieces of content. That’s why, Turmoil MOD APK version was created for you. If you don’t really need it, support the developer by purchasing those bundles.

Download Turmoil MOD APK free for Android

In general, Turmoil is a game that is not too picky or has some difference. But it is because of that simplicity that gives players an enjoyable, stress-free experience. The most important thing in this game is just strategy. And it’s important but not serious. If you fail with your plan, you can simply play again without losing anything. What are you waiting for without downloading now Turmoil MOD APK to experience it!

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