Life of Mellow v1.2.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/No Ads)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money/No Ads
Requires:Android 7.0+
Package:Google Play Link

The battle for survival is always full of difficulties! Life of Mellow MOD APK is a game that takes you to a whole new universe. There, you will show your remarkable survival ability.

Introduce game Life of Mellow

Survival games always have strange charms. We used to take you to survive on a deserted island in Isle Builder: Click to Survive. Today, continues to be a modern survival simulator called Life of Mellow. This game continuously reached the top trending in Korea with many positive reviews. In this game, you only have one goal: “live as long as possible”. But… this journey is not easy!

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Korea’s top survival game

Survive as long as possible

That’s your aim in this game! You will have to work for yourself, get food and water to survive in a harsh location. But those are just the most basic factors for you to survive. Harsh nature always creates challenges that players cannot anticipate. Natural disasters, epidemics and many other terrible things are ready to strike. Can you handle it all on your own? This is the point of difficulty and also the factor that attracts players. Now it’s time for your survival skills to come into play.

Enjoy the four seasons

Life of Mellow is a game with real-time mechanics. You will experience four harsh seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season has its own characteristics and you have to quickly adapt to it. Spring will be extremely favorable when the trees are all growing well. It makes it easy to live and find food. As for Fall and Winter, this extreme weather will get you into some trouble. So before you spend the first winter, you have to build accommodation and essential facilities.

Build your own village

Collect resources

Around your location there are countless resources that can be mined. To be able to find valuable resources such as gold or iron, you have to explore more places around. Whatever resource can be collected, do not ignore it. Surely these will help you a lot in survival. But the most important thing is still food and water, you need to choose a place to survive around these resources.

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Real-time 4-season mechanics


The most efficient way for a resource, especially food, to not run out is to create it. Therefore, jobs like farming are extremely important. From the bare land, you can start to create the first farm fields. Take care of the crops and trees that you plant so that they grow. As a result, you always have food to live on and can also attract many other people to live. Taking care of them is also extremely simple, with just one touch.


Learn crafting skills to make your survival life easier. Mining tools such as hoes, shovels, saws… are extremely important. Mining will save time and also increase efficiency significantly. Craft weapons to fight wild animals or any lurking danger. Many other vital crafting skills for survival can be learned as the game progresses.


To last long, you need to create a real life. Essential works and facilities need to be built to create an affluent and wealthy village. Housing to avoid wild animals, natural disasters and extreme weather. There are also trading areas, huts, manufacturing facilities, resource production… These essential buildings need to be prioritized to be built first to create good conditions for your survival. When all is settled, you can build other facilities you like and decorate the village more beautiful.

Once you have built up a fully-equipped village, you can attract many other people to live. They will help you work, mine, craft, produce… From there, survival will be easier than ever. With that, you will demonstrate your management ability to micromanage and expand the village.

Life of Mellow MOD 444x961
Build and manage your own village


This game has extremely simple graphics but still has colorful images. The context is realistic and changes according to the 4 seasons, giving you a real feeling when experiencing. 2D graphics and an aerial view allow you to view the map more easily. The background music is played continuously and the labor sounds give you a lot of inspiration when participating in this game.

MOD APK version of Life of Mellow

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money : you can make purchases even if you don’t have enough coins
  • Coins are not spent
  • Unlock all paid features in the game
  • Remove ads
  • You can get free gifts without watching ads

Download Life of Mellow MOD APK for Android

Life of Mellow deserves to be one of the best survival games. It was created by a leading Korean mobile game developer. Stylish graphics, engaging game mechanics and scrolling. Vintage looks, visuals and weather with real-time mechanics await you in Life of Mellow. Download now!

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