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Last updated: 29/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Tencent Games
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LoL Esport Manager APK is a new management simulation game that lets you become a master at managing a LoL team and conquer the biggest tournaments on the planet. This game is being searched by many gamers in recent days.

Introducing LoL Esport Manager

As you know, LoL (League of Legends) is the most popular MOBA game in the world today. It is considered an e-sport and there are many major tournaments held. Wherever you go, you will see a lot of people playing this game. And the best players will be selected by different teams and clubs to conquer the tournaments.

Based on the game and tournaments related to LoL, Riot and Tencent have collaborated to create the game LoL Esport Manager. If you are a real gamer, you are surely familiar with these two game companies. So, the combination of Riot and Tencent will definitely bring a great game. Accordingly, LoL Esport Manager is in the process of completing and pre-registration. You can now try this game through the link at the end of the article.

Become a LoL Coach

Have you ever thought of becoming the president of a LoL team with professional players? Definitely not, because this is a very difficult thing in real life. But coming to the game LoL Esport Manager, you will be able to fulfill this dream. Accordingly, you will become the president, as well as the manager, and coach of a LoL team. You will not directly play the game but contribute the role of a leader. You have to build the team from the ground up and take them to all the glory with your abilities.

Starting the game, you need to build your squad with professional players. Just like in real life, you can follow tournaments to find the best players. From there, you have to develop the economy to use the money to recruit those players. Apply your tactics to build the strongest and richest team!


Basically, the game is built with simulated tactical gameplay. You will not directly control the champion in competitive LoL, but control the characters in your team to compete. As the match progresses, you must have the right tactics to fight the opponent. Of course, tactics cannot be default, but must be changed regularly. Because the people facing us are other players from all over the world.

In terms of modes, the game has two main modes, PvE and real-time PvP. With PvE mode, you will conquer the available tournaments, your opponent is the AI machine. As for PvP mode, you have to face real players, so the competition is quite big!

Lead your team to conquer every tournament

The goal of any leader is to help his team win the tournament. And the game LoL Esport Manager lets you participate in many different tournaments. But to conquer the championship, it is not an easy thing. Team victory depends entirely on how you manage and develop your team. If you have the best players, have the right strategy, you will be able to compete with many other opponents. Although conquering the championship trophy is difficult, you should never give up! Try every day to conquer the biggest eSports tournaments in the world!

Character system

The character system of the game LoL Esport Manager is built based on real players in real life. And the game also has real-life events and tournaments for players to easily learn. So, you will meet world famous players like Kiin, Ruler, Doran, Bdd, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria, Chovy, Canyon, etc. Each character has their own stats. Not only that, each character also has its own season with its own stats. With new tournament champion characters, they will be released a new version with higher stats.

Intuitive graphics

LoL Esport Manager is developed with simulation graphics. The image in the game is designed quite like football management games like Football Manager 2022 Mobile. Most of the images in the game are for illustration only. You will see images of LoL players taken in real life. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to recognize their names. The image when you prepare for the match will be different from the image when the game is played.

Download LoL Esport Manager APK latest version for Android

In general, such management simulation games are loved by many players. Like in Football Club Management 2023, you can manage a football team, then with LoL Esport Manager you can develop your LoL team. However, the game has not been officially released yet. The beta version is only released in certain countries. Don’t worry, we bring a free APK version for you. You can download to try it out right now!

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