Tales of the Rays v6.1.0 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 15/10/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:6.1.0
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Bandai Namco
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, Bandai Namco’s Tales of the Rays game was officially released after a long time being introduced. Right now, you can download Tales of the Rays MOD APK to experience this top-notch role-playing game.

Introducing the game Tales of the Rays

The Tales of the Rays is no longer strange to players, especially fans of the Tales franchise. This version was introduced by Bandai Namco quite a long time ago, and it was widely shared in the gaming and entertainment newspapers. But after a few years of introduction, it was officially released for players to experience.

Accordingly, Tales of the Rays was just released by Bandai Namco a few days ago. Unfortunately, the current version is only in Japanese, not in English. This makes it a bit difficult for players around the world. But surely you Tales of the Rays international will be released soon in the near future.

Famous Tales brand

Tales of the Rays is the latest installment in the hit Tales series. If you do not know, then this is the cult role-playing game brand of Bandai Namco, a famous game company from Japan. For those who love the Manga and Anime themed RPG genre, they will definitely know them. Even this series of games is considered the 3rd pillar after Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in the worldwide JRPG genre.

The first game of this series was released in 1995, so far it has been 27 years. And then, it became the most popular JRPG game franchise in the world. Accordingly, the Tales of the Rays version was first released in 2017. But until now, the version for Android has officially been released. This game is still developed the familiar role-playing gameplay like previous Tales versions. But it certainly has new features so that players don’t get bored.

Fascinating scenario

The storyboard of the Tales of the Rays game was written by Takumi Miyajima, a person who was familiar with the Tales series. He is the one who wrote the compelling script for the two versions of “TALES OF Symphonia” and “TALES OF THE ABYSS”. Of course, he was the first to draft the script, and then it was edited to bring the most compelling script.

Accordingly, the script in Tales of the Rays is still developed based on the plot of previous Tales versions. In this story, old characters will be summoned and start a new story. In particular, this new version allows the supporting characters of the old version to appear and play as the main character. Those familiar characters are Daos, Barbatos and Mitos. They will have a new adventure journey with a lot of challenges.

JRPG style role-playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game still has a Japanese-style role-playing style. This is one of the oldest game types, still loved by many players today. Join the game, you can choose for yourself the main character to start the adventure journey. It can be the familiar main character in the old versions, or the newly summoned supporting character like Daos or Mitos.

The basic gameplay of Tales of the Rays has not changed much compared to previous versions. But you will experience new content, new missions and new challenges. You not only play a character, but can become the supreme commander. You can collect other heroes on your team. And the combat mechanism is still in the familiar transitional style.

The character system of the game is quite diverse. Each character in the squad has its own strength and fighting ability. And you directly control the character to fight the enemy, instead of automatically fighting. The choice of combat skills and skill combinations is very important. If you know how to combine the character’s moves, you can completely defeat opponents stronger than you.

State-of-the-art 3D graphics

In addition to attractive gameplay based on a unique scenario, Tales of the Rays is also equipped with a high-quality graphics background. The game possesses the most advanced 3D graphics, in order to bring the best quality to players. About character creation as well as image design with familiar Anime style of The Tales series. You will be attracted by the epic visual effects that appear in the character’s battles.

Sound and voiceover

Add to that the Tales-branded music and sound effects. You can still hear the familiar voiceovers from the voice artists featured in previous Tales versions. There are hundreds of additional voice actors appearing in this game. The sound effects in the game contribute to the drama and appeal of the game.

MOD APK version of Tales of the Rays

MOD features

  • Menu;
  • Damage Multiplier;
  • Defense Multiplier;
  • God Mode.

Installation Instructions

  • Step 1, you proceed to download the Tales of the Rays MOD APK file at the link below.
  • Next, you grant permission to install apps from Unknown Sources in the Application settings.
  • When the file download is complete, open it to install. (The system installs automatically in less than 1 minute).
  • Finally, you just need to open the game and start experiencing!

Download Tales of the Rays MOD APK latest for Android

Tales of the Rays continues to be an impressive product of Bandai Namco. Of course, also a successful version in the hit Tales series. Immediately after its launch, this game has received the attention of a large number of gamers around the world. Download now Tales of the Rays MOD APK to start your adventure journey!

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