SOULVARS APK v1.3.1 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 29/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.1
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 8.0+
Package:Google Play Link

SOULVARS APK is an extremely attractive adventure role-playing game, it was released by ginolabo a few months ago. And the number of players participating in the game so far has continued to increase significantly.

Introduce about SOULVARS

If you are tired of modern 3D role-playing games, then try to experience SOULVARS. This is a true classic role-playing game. It has both been developed with classic role-playing gameplay, and possesses classic pixel art graphics. Surely this game will bring you extremely interesting experiences.

The plot of the game

The story in the game SOULVARS takes place in a fantasy world. Here, spirits can mysteriously transform into data. The people of this world use something called a Soul Driver, which can convert souls into data. But people’s lives are threatened by the sudden appearance of deformities. And the Soul Driver users have the task of removing those deformities, returning peace to this place.

Combat system

Join the game, you will control three characters to enter the battle. In it, each character will have their own fighting skills and ways of moving. You have to rely on the character’s move sets, and skills to choose the right equipment for the character. Because each type of equipment, has their own properties, suitable for different characters. Then you combine movement with skills to fight enemies.

You must know how to skillfully combine defense and attack. As soon as you have the opportunity to counterattack, you must quickly launch a move to take down the enemy. Every time the enemy appears crowded and unexpected, you have to concentrate hard to fight. Just a little caught off guard, you can be defeated.

Explore many places

The SOULVARS game also has an element of discovery for players to experience. You will be able to explore various locations in certain areas of the city. However, the map design in the game is a bit unstable. Those locations in the game are designed quite similar, making players sometimes confused between locations. And the way to move in the game is not like other role-playing games. You have to move the locations through the squares shown at the bottom of the screen.

Graphics and sound

As introduced at the beginning of the article, this game gives you an interesting experience with classic graphics. It’s a pixel art background. The images in the game are designed in a fairly simple cartoon style, but still eye-catching. This visual style reminds us of action role-playing games from a few decades ago.

In addition, the sound and background music of this game is also highly appreciated. During the matches, you will feel the liveliness thanks to the sound effects when fighting. In addition, there are vibrant background music, helping players feel excited and energized when playing.

APK version of SOULVARS


Paid: SOULVARS is released for Android through Google Play. However, it is not free, but is sold for about 4.99$. And this price may vary slightly depending on the country of release. But to save you money and time to pay, REDMOD brings you SOULVARS APK version completely free.

Download SOULVARS APK latest version for Android

Overall, SOULVARS is well-completed in terms of gameplay, graphics as well as sound and background music. Everything comes together to give you the ultimate experience. Right now, you can download SOULVARS APK for free to install and experience. If you like classic RPGs, you can also try Labyrinth Legend II or Iron knight : Nonstop Idle RPG.

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