DC Worlds Collide v1.28.170.0 Mod APK (God Mode)

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MOD Info:God Mode
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Borrowing powers from DC’s superheroes in the game DC Worlds Collide, defeat the members of Crime Syndicate! They have begun their journey to invade the earth. Now, only you are capable of commanding this superhero squad. Work will be a lot easier if you use our MOD APK version.

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Introduce game DC Worlds Collide

DC Worlds Collide is a role-playing game combined with a bit of adventure. Along with a compelling storyline, making it one of the most addictive games available today. For the first time in your life, you get to lead and command the entire DC superhero team. And this is also the first time they have combined with super anti-destructive characters. All with the goal of protecting the earth from opposing forces. They place great faith in your abilities.


The main plot in the game is the journey from enemy to friend of the characters. After endless competitions, they have to face a much greater danger. The members of Crime Syndicate planned to invade the earth. They’re in action! Now, our characters must put their personal friction aside. They will embark on a journey to protect the earth. In addition, there are sub-plots of each character.

Various characters

You can collect more than 75 characters in this game. They are all in DC storylines. Superheroes like Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman… are always available for you. In addition, you can also choose the most popular villains such as Joker, Harley Quinn, The Cheetah… They will combine with each other so you can build a diverse and powerful squad.

You can judge the strength of each character through the number of stars. On their card will appear the number of stars below. With 4-star characters like SuperMan, The Flash… are the strongest characters in the game. In addition, characters with 3 stars can also be upgraded to 4 stars. However, you need to have enough materials and money to upgrade.

Build the perfect squad

You need to rank the strength and importance of the characters. Then assign them to the appropriate positions. Blending superheroes and villains seamlessly, you can create an unbeatable team. Build a strong base for your team to resist the onslaught of enemies. The base will give you loads of important materials. Collect resources to give to your team of iconic DC characters. From there, the strength of your squad will increase significantly.


DC Worlds Collide brings you turn-based role-playing gameplay. Once you’ve built a squad, you need to strategize and participate in idle battles. Each of our characters has special skills you can take advantage of. Calculate damage, hits correctly will give you a high win rate. Sometimes, just one member survives, you can also turn the whole match upside down.

The most difficult in the game is when you have to fight the Boss. They appear at the end of each chapter and pose quite a challenge for anyone. Against the Boss, you can’t just rely on strength. Simply because they are so many times stronger than you. Therefore, you need to have a reasonable strategy, know how to use your strengths to attack the opponent’s weaknesses.

Graphics, sound

DC Worlds Collide will surprise you with its graphics. 3D animation is rendered extremely vivid and beautiful. Besides, there is a highly detailed, realistic character model and smooth action. The combat effects, skill effects will make you attracted because they are too eye-catching. New generation hand-drawn art creates a lively game scene. Combined with match sounds, catchy background music to create a perfect role-playing game.

MOD APK version of DC Worlds Collide

MOD feature

  • God Mode: you will get countless huge advantages in battle

Download DC Worlds Collide MOD APK for Android

DC Worlds Collide is a role-playing game that you must try. You will be deeply immersed in the fascinating storylines to each scene. Its great gameplay and graphics will satisfy any hardcore player. Especially for those who love the DC universe, this is where they can satisfy their passion. Undoubtedly, being at the top and commanding the entire DC universe is their greatest wish. How about you? Do you love the DC universe? If yes, join this game with us now!

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