Slutty Journey v2.30 Mod APK (Always Critical/God Mode)

Last updated: 13/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.30
MOD Info:Always Critical/God Mode
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Turn-based attack gameplay is always very attractive to players because of the appeal it brings. Slutty Journey is a game like that, you need to build a strong squad and have a reasonable strategy. Beautiful graphics with many super beautiful backgrounds, this game will take you to a world no one wants to leave. For an easier game experience, download our Slutty Journey MOD APK version!

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Introduce about Slutty Journey

Slutty Journey is Nutaku’s turn-based RPG that has just been released mid-2021. You will role-play and adventure into a world full of women with the responsibility of commanding them against the dark forces. The plot is long and extremely logical, giving you many interesting experiences throughout your journey. When participating in this game, you need to combine many skills and elements to be able to win. Specifically what those things are, please follow the section below of the article!

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In this story, you will play as a human being lost and reach the mysterious Frontier. There, you meet the exiled metal women. A mysterious girl has led you to explore this land deeper. She is a young woman, longing for the love of a man. In a place full of girls, she really feels lonely.

Your first mission is to help that girl get to Cock Heaven. There, love stories were constantly unfolding. You begin to discover a fascinating paradise. A place that ordinary people can’t resist. But worse problem happened, a lot of girls out there want to get your love. More than that, they ask you to lead them to defeat the Celestial Troops organization that is tormenting them. Show the talent of a commander, take them through the gates of the Human World and restore their original strength!

Attractive gameplay

Slutty Journey has a familiar turn-based role-playing game. You will summon and upgrade maidens. They will gradually increase in strength and help you win every victory. In each match, you need to ensure many elements at once. Character selection, formation, strategic thinking… should be maximized in each battle. No matter how great the power, the wrong moves can make you lose the victory.

Preparations are also extremely important for each battle. Therefore, make sure to double check what is necessary before challenging. Maximize the power of the characters to achieve high efficiency in combat. Especially in battles with Boss, if you don’t prepare well, you won’t be able to pass.

Mission system, game progress

Slutty Journey has a total of 14 chapters spanning many different branches. Each stage usually has two levels of play, normal and difficult. Both of these modes can be arbitrarily selected for projection. If you choose the difficulty level, the normal passage will be more valuable and you also have a chance to get rare props.

The story lasts up to 14 chapters, so the mission system will be extremely diverse. Slutty Journey also divides the mission into 2 main and secondary branches. The main branch will take you deep into the ending to complete the game. Meanwhile, the sub-branch will give you more exp and props and equipment to increase your strength. Towards the end of the story, the difficulty increases. Therefore, powerful equipment is extremely important for you to win.


Character Summon

As the story progresses, you can gain countless powerful maidens. They all have very special skills and fighting styles. They are also classified based on the element name they possess. Depending on your playing style to put the maidens into the strongest squad. Usually, a strong squad is when you have enough elements. They will complement each other and create cohesion and unity. Equip them with powerful props to maximize their inherent power.


In addition to deciding on elemental combos, you also need to strengthen the fighting power of your girls. There are four ways to upgrade your character: Bond, Advance, Level Up and Evolve. Powering up your characters will increase their stats and make them more effective in battle.

To be able to upgrade the character, you need to collect enough materials and spend some gold. Collect character pieces to level up stars. This is the most powerful evolution of each character’s strength stats. The star level also directly affects the skills of the girls. You can collect shards through summons, quests, and events.

Graphics, sound

Slutty Journey impresses players with very eye-catching 3D graphics. This game is like a beautiful and sophisticated work of art. Beautiful, cute characters are set up in a cartoon style. The combat context is also extremely diverse, making the boredom disappear. Especially skill effects and combat effects are extremely vivid and unique, increasing inspiration for all players. In terms of sound, the characters are all professionally voiced for an enhanced Hscene experience. Background music is also played throughout the game, which you can customize on / off in the settings.

MOD APK version of Slutty Journey

MOD features

  • Always Critical : Damage in battle is always critical to amplify damage. So you can defeat the enemy more easily
  • God Mode

Installation Instructions

  • Enable “unknown sources” mode in your phone settings;
  • Download the APK file below this article;
  • Install the downloaded APK file and wait for a moment;
  • The process is complete, you can open the game and experience the MOD version.

IMPOTAIN NOTE: Use BYPASS to complete tutorial , later install MOD override BYPASS!

Download Slutty Journey MOD APK for Android

Slutty Journey is the perfect game for those who love turn-based role-playing gameplay. Excellent graphics with a combination of design art and Hscene animations. Attractive, engaging gameplay with diverse story chapters, many features and content. Downloading the game you will go on an adventure to a beautiful and man-free kingdom. You will find your most beautiful love with extremely beautiful girls. What are you waiting for, download the game and join us now!

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