Monster Harem v1.8.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.8.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, God Mode
Package:Google Play Link

Do you want to be a hero of the kingdom and be loved by many girls? Join the Monster Harem now to start the journey to become an epic hero. Monster Harem is an old role-playing game on Nutaku platform. It was developed by an anonymous studio. Most of Nutaku’s games are developed by famous game companies, from Japan.

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Introducing Monster Harem


You are living in a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. But one day, the evil Lord De Struk Shun is trying to kidnap the Queen. He even wants the whole kingdom to be his slave. Really crazy!

Arianna was the one who wished to save this kingdom and started looking for heroes. Along the way, she has found you and summoned you. She discovers your incredible power and only you can prevent the destruction of demons. Your task is to build a strong harem with unique hot girls. Thanks to your strength and a strong harem, you will defeat Lord De Struk Shun and rescue the kingdom! Summon more terrorist monsters to assist you in this battle.


In terms of gameplay, Monster Harem combines many elements to create a great game. It will be a combination of adventure game dungeon, RPG and clicker mechanism. Join the game, you will run around the dark and dangerous dungeons to save your beautiful queen. In the dangerous and arduous journey, you will receive the help of Arianna. She is the one who finds you, and will be with you all the way. In addition, your harem will later have a lot of other beautiful girls. You will not feel lonely and bored.

Each mission you get will be an exciting adventure. Completing each mission, you will receive valuable rewards. Along with that is unlocking extremely beautiful girls for your harem.

In this game, you can fight your way as long as you win. Later, the difficulty of the game will increase, as the dungeons become more dangerous. At this point, you need the help of girls, and most importantly how you play.

2D art style in 3D

Of all the games released on the Nutaku platform, none of the games have 3D graphics. But they all get the love of the players thanks to the images in the game. Because they were created with unique, 2D art combined in 3D. And Monster Harem, too, this visual style is very popular with many players. Basically, the game is only 2D but the styling and design in the game is 3D. Therefore, the game gives you the experience to feel like playing a 3D game.

MOD APK version of Monster Harem

MOD feature

  • Increase Gems
  • Increase Money
  • God Mode
  • DMG x10
  • Unlim Steps in dungeon
  • High xp gain in Fusion
  • 1 Char need for Evolution

With these unique features, you can buy anything and upgrade every stat. Or you can beat every opponent easily with God Mode feature. Note: You can use more characters, but 1 is enough to evolve.

Download Monster Harem MOD APK for Android

An RPG with many elements such as adventure, dungeon, hentai, Monster Harem is really an attractive game for you. Just have the dramatic experience of the role-playing game, just be satisfied with the hot scenes. If you are interested in Monster Harem, you can download it now and experience it. You only need to install our Monster Harem MOD APK file, then log in to your Nutaku account to play it.

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