SF Girls v1.5.3 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 10/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.5.3
MOD Info:God Mode
Package:Google Play Link

SF Girls MOD APK – new strategy game has just been released on the Nutaku platform not long ago. It was released by Nutaku Publishing in late May recently. After a few months of launch, this game has received tens of millions of downloads. It was released on Nutaku.net and you cannot find it on other official app stores. You have many options to experience this game. Play directly on the web by computer, play on Android emulator or on Android devices.

Introducing SF Girls


The story of the game takes place in a virtual world, takes place 312 years after the discovery of the mysterious Alpha stone. The people here have discovered this strange stone located at the center of civilization. This stone helps the people here have a peaceful life throughout the centuries. The people here don’t like restraint, they have open-minded personalities and sexy dress styles. They don’t even need to wear clothes on them.

But one day, the happy people here were faced with horror. It is the invaders on another planet who have come here to destroy everything. Their target is the magical Alpha stone. The beautiful cities here have been destroyed, everything is no longer the same as before. The story begins here, the war against the invaders has begun.

Your adventure in this game is associated with beautiful girls. Start with Reika, your secretary. She is someone close to you to help you chase away the invaders. In a world of rare men, you are loved by girls. Therefore, they are ready to fight and show loyalty with you.

Tower defense gameplay

SF Girls is introduced as a strategy game combined with sweet elements for adults. You will be given a choice of beautiful girls to participate in tower defense battles. Therefore, you need to make wise choices when upgrading your lover and their weapons, to ensure the game progresses properly.

Currently, the game brings more than 30 main characters who are extremely attractive girls. Just by being with you, these girls will be extremely excellent. From fighting on the battlefield, to doing post-harem jobs, in your bed. In terms of combat, you need to upgrade them to be stronger to defeat all opponents. On the other hand, you will have to talk, date and give them gifts to increase their loyalty. In particular, they can obey all your commands, make them orgasm.

MOD APK version of SF Girls

MOD feature


Download SF Girls APK for Android

SF Girls gives you a very interesting gameplay, not too stressful or demanding skills. Even, it also brings fun and excitement every time you play the game. That is why this game is being loved by a lot of players. If you like it, you can download it now to experience it!

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