Lustful Shores v6.2.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.2.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Today, we continue with the fascinating series on Nutaku. The game we introduce in this article is Lustful Shores. It is a game of strategy genre combining adventure. And of course, there will be sensitive content for adults to enjoy. Lustful Shores was developed by an unnamed developer. But it is still loved by many players thanks to the great combination of strategy and hentai games.

Introducing Lustful Shores

The story of the game

You are a single guy, but you have talent for leading the fight. One day, suddenly you are taken to a mysterious island. Immediately after appearing on this island, you have seen hot and sexy young women. These women are in danger by coastal invaders. They need you, need your experience in war to drive away enemies. And the most important thing is that they need to meet sexual needs. Because there are very few men on this island. Join the game to complete this exciting task!

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Adventure play combines strategy

Basically, Lustful Shores is a strategy game in the style of tower defense. As for the adventure element, is that you set foot on the mysterious island and discover interesting stories here. Your mission in the game is to protect this island from the onslaught of alien monsters. They will pull each other in waves to attack your area. You need to have a solid defense system.

Build defensive towers, fortresses and even traps to destroy monsters. In their path, you must know how to set up traps properly. When monsters pass, defensive towers and traps will automatically attack them. If the defense system is not strong enough, you will be defeated by a large army of monsters.

The game brings a lot of tower works, pitfalls for you to choose. Each tower has its own effect on each type of monster. Therefore, you cannot use one type of tower at a time. You need to constantly change tactics to fight the terrible power of monsters.

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The support of the girls

In this war, you will not be alone. You will get help from girls on the mysterious island. They will talk to you, guide how to play and give a reasonable plan before the game. Not only that, they are also a strong harem for you to satisfy the need of love after each battle.

After completing a mission or winning a match, you will receive many rewards. That can be a bonus, used to upgrade the defense tower, upgrade the power. But the most attractive reward is still the hot scenes of the girls. They are willing to do anything for you, you are the savior who saves their island.

Graphic 2D

Graphics are not the strong point of the game Lustful Shores. But the image is the highlight, attracting the attention of almost all players. Because it was developed with fairly simple 2D graphics. But the character creation is extremely impressive. As you can see, the girls in this game are incredibly beautiful. They have a hot body along with unique outfits, ensuring you haven’t seen it in any game.

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MOD APK version of Lustful Shores

MOD feature

  • High sales tower
  • Free shop
  • Talent free

Download Lustful Shores MOD APK for Android

With a combination of tower defense strategy and 18+ content, Lustful Shores brings a great experience. Not only does it have traditional tower defense levels, you can also play like dating games. Download Lustful Shores MOD APK now to experience it!

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