Pocket Waifu v1.69.1 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.69.1
MOD Info:Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Pocket Waifu MOD APK is a dating simulation game, for you to get virtual wives. That is Waifu. If you don’t already know, Waifu is the term used in manga and anime. Waifu is a Japanese word, it has the same pronunciation as wife in English. This word means wife. In the games, it is considered to be virtual girlfriends and wives.

Introducing Pocket Waifu

This Pocket Waifu game was developed by JNT of Japan, an unpopular developer. And it was released on Nutaku in 2018, it has been more than two years now. With the gameplay of simulating dating, taking care of virtual wives along with stunning images, Pocket Waifu is very popular with many players. It is rated as one of the best games on the Nutaku platform.

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The story of the game

You are a guy, but you have a little trouble getting to know girls. That’s why you are always alone. But you are being followed by a succubus, she wants to help you to have great ability to conquer beautiful girls. Succubus is a female demon, she often seduces and fascinates men. Of course, you have to pay for this help, which is not huge and you can afford it.

In this game, you will conquer girls, with many different situations, from mundane to extraordinary! Join the game to start the journey to conquer your goddesses.

Conquer beautiful girls

Pocket Waifu was developed as a virtual pet game, but these will be waifu, virtual lovers. You will be tasked with taking care of many girls at the same time. You need to spend time with them and take care of them like a true wife. Gradually, you will gain the affection of the painting and they can do anything for you.

Spend time with your girls, they will gradually get touched. You can eat, bath, play games with them – and increase their affection with every little activity. If you leave any girl alone for too long, they will be very lonely. Therefore, the task of taking care of many girls at the same time is not simple. In return, you get a lot of love from them.

In addition to looking after them, you also have to plant in your Garden. This job is related to your relationship with the girls. If done well, the girls will agree to “date” with you.

Customize the character style from unique outfits. Each character can wear different costumes such as discreet, seductive, elegant, … But with the hot body, the cool outfit will bring charm. Fascinating charm for this girl.

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Experience mini-games

In addition to the main simulation game, Pocket Waifu also offers interesting mini-games for you to choose from. Currently, this game has 6 interesting games for you to explore. Those are quite simple games, not difficult. These games are made for you to play and make money. This money will be used to buy costumes, accessories for characters in the game. Or you can also decorate your house. In addition, there is a lucky spin for you to receive attractive rewards.

MOD APK version of Pocket Waifu

  • Unlock the whole garden
  • Hot scenes have been unlocked
  • Infinite Network in Mini-game

Important note

  1. Game system will manage your money, if you have too much money, you will be banned from logging into the game. So you shouldn’t abuse the MOD feature, don’t be too greedy. If you want to buy something, play all the coins you need.
  2. If you want to exit the mini game, you must press the X button and exit.
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Download Pocket Waifu MOD APK for Android

In addition to attractive gameplay, images of Pocket Waifu are also highly appreciated from players. Only with 2D graphics, the game is enough for you to be fascinated by its styling style. It’s your girls and virtual wives in Pocket Waifu. Whether you have a lover or a single, you can experience this game, it’s just for entertainment. If you like it, you can download Pocket Waifu MOD APK to your phone from the link below. You can also install the APK file on the Android emulator to experience it.

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