My Fairytale Girlfriend v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choice)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choice
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
Package:Google Play Link

A mysterious fairy tale waiting for you to discover in the game My Fairytale Girlfriend. The journey is full of arduous but also full of sweetness with your girlfriend. Between 3 pretty and cute girls, who will you be touched by? Please join and find the answer!

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Introduce about My Fairytale Girlfriend

Built with novel simulation style, My Fairytale Girlfriend is a game that emphasizes content and plot. Genius Studio Japan is a company specializing in the production of such simulation games. They want to give players the best and most engaging stories. Join us to explore the story in this game!


You always read stories to get out of your mundane school life. You have always dreamed of living in the fictional world of the story. One day, what you’ve always been thinking about happened. Your world turns upside down when stumbled upon a magical bookmark that summons three cute fairy tale girls into the real world. Sound like a dream come true? You are surprised and confused, but it happened and you have to face it.

It’s your chance to become a knight in shining armor, save the world and find true love along the way. Write your own happiness forever after in this magical and heartwarming adventure and romance!


My Fairytale Girlfriend is like a novel, you will read it through the character’s dialogue and narration. What you need to do is choose its next evolution. How the end will end up depends on your choice. Because of that, this game will have countless different happenings and endings. Players will not feel bored despite experiencing this game many times.


  • Rapunzel : “I am looking for an adventure!”. She is bright, enthusiastic, and a bit of a diva. She sings extremely well with her high voice and beautiful as her face. Rapunzel has captivated you from the moment you two met your eyes. Rapunzel has high expectations – could you be the prince she’s been looking for?
  • Snow : “I want the world to be a better place!”. Sweet and tender, Snow knows how to make anyone feel good. With her by your side, you feel like you are walking in the clouds. The tenderness and cuteness of a girl, Snow really makes you flutter. Does she feel the same way about you?
  • Little Red : “I’m here on duty!”. Little Red is a serious person about what she is doing. She isn’t the one for jokes or frivolities, but every glimpse of her smile melts your heart. She was brave and brave, can you show her that you can be vulnerable?

Various endings

My Fairytale Girlfriend has a variety of ending stories. With so many different options, you can create a multitude of different endings. The perpetual sweetness of happiness or sadness, it all depends on you!


Beautiful and lovely character designs are the highlight of this game. Although the character is not moving, you can still enter the story through rich facial expressions. Add to that the background music that changes flexibly according to the situation, is sure to give you great emotions and experiences.

MOD APK version of My Fairytale Girlfriend

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choice : You will be able to unlock premium options without spending Ruby.
  • Important Note: This MOD version only works on Rooted Android devices. So you have to Root your phone or choose an Android emulator. Here, we introduce you to the LD Player emulator that allows you to install this game.

Download My Fairytale Girlfriend MOD APK for Android

Join the world of My Fairytale Girlfriend, you will enjoy the most fascinating and thrilling storyline. Becoming the hero to save the world and find great love, is definitely the best feeling. Our MOD version will give you more premium options, join and experience!

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