Oh My Yokai v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choice)

Last updated: 17/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choice
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
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Oh My Yokai is like an online novel, storytelling with pictures. You will join the story as the main character. Take action, decide your own destiny, how will you do this? Using our MOD version, you will unlock premium options.

Introduce game Oh My Yokai

Welcome to the world of Oh My Yokai, which will continue to write the next stories of your life. Released by Genius Studio Japan – a producer of Japanese anime titles, this is a game that will bring you interesting, engaging stories and also contains many unexplored mysteries. Join and change the story according to your thoughts, are you ready?

What is Yokai?

Yokai is a word for monsters and spirits in Japanese culture. This word also means supernatural, unusual creatures. Yokai include many different demons, from evil to bringing good luck to humans. They come in many different shapes, or even have no shape. In this game Oh My Yokai, Yokai are understood to be youkai that live in the form of students.


One day, you receive an invitation letter to study at the elite Fumikashi Academy. Although you are also looking for a new school to study in, you have never heard of this academy. So you are a bit hesitant and think that you will reject them. However, your father was very fond of the academy and said he was acquainted with the principal. At your father’s urging, you accept the invitation and become the newest student in the academy.

However, on your first day, you learn amazing truths. Fumikashi Academy is also known as Yokai Academy, and all the students inside are yokai!

You never really believed the yokai stories, but now you can’t deny that they exist. The principal hopes you will help bring peace between your fellow human beings and theirs. But not everyone there is happy to see your appearance. Can you survive the school year as the only human at an all-yokai school? What will you do to get along and get to know them?


Coming to Yokai Academy, you will meet new friends. Although they are both Yokai, they do not mean anything bad to you. Here are the 3 friends who appear the most:

  • Kitsune is shy – Misuzu: The first classmate you meet is Misuzu, a quiet but talented fox yokai. She is terrified of people, but once she gets to know you, she starts to change her heart. Can you forge a sincere relationship with her? Can you help her overcome her fear?
  • The Excitable Bakeneko – Mio: Your first friend at the academy is Mio, a cat yokai who loves the human world and is delighted to have a human classmate. She hopes that one day, the yokai will stand side by side with humanity. However, it seems that there are darker secrets hidden behind her bright smile …
  • The Cole Okami – Ayame: While the principal wants to unite people and the yokai, his daughters do not. Ayame firmly believed that the yokai should live separate from humans. She is always very frustrated when she is forced to work with you. Is there a way to surpass her?


As mentioned above, Oh My Yokai is like an online novel. Based on the narrative and dialogue between the characters, you can grasp the content and development of the story. You will read this novel with pictures, instead of a plain text novel. After each situation, the game will give you some situations to choose from. That will be the next development of the story, and it is up to you to decide.

MOD APK version of Oh My Yokai

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choice: You don’t need to spend Ruby to unlock premium choice. Now everything is free.
The premium option is completely free to use!

Download Oh My Yokai MOD APK for Android

The novel Oh My Yokai is designed with a harmonious interface, beautiful anime characters. You will experience beautiful love stories, unexpected situations, and unresolved mysteries when you experience this game. To us, this game deserves 5 stars because the story is extremely attractive and attractive. In addition, the character is eye-catching and sympathetic at first sight. Please join us and experience this novel with us at the link below.

What’s new?

In the latest version 2.1.10, the developer has fixed some fixed bugs. This error only occurs in a few cases. Some new content has also been added.

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