CatLife: BitLife Cats v1.61.6.1 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 06/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Candywriter, LLC
Package:Google Play Link

If you are too bored with role-playing games to become warriors and heroes, try playing the role of lovely animals. Join the game CatLife: BitLife Cats to start a new life of a cat.

Introducing the game CatLife: BitLife Cats

CatLife: BitLife Cats is a simulation game about the life of a cat. The game is developed and published by Candywriter. This is a very famous game company for the life simulation game genre. In an earlier article, we introduced you to the game DogLife: BitLife Dogs by developer Candywriter. This game is also loved by many players.

Coming to CatLife: BitLife Cats, you can start an extremely interesting life about cats. The game still has the same familiar simulation gameplay as the games previously played by Candywriter. But with a lot of new features, you will have a new and extremely interesting experience. After the introduction below, we provide the download link for the CatLife: BitLife Cats MOD APK game for you.

Simulation gameplay

Basically, CatLife: BitLife Cats is still a simulation game with nothing new. Your task is simply to choose a cat you like and start transforming into it, entering a colorful life. You have so many different options to live as enjoyable a life as you want. It can be a cute cat, it can also be an obnoxious cat. You start the game from a small newborn cat, and raise it until it is an adult. As for its personality and life, it depends on your choices. There are many different situations that take place, to describe the life of cats in the most vivid way.

Many breeds of cats

At the start, you get to choose your favorite cat breed to play with. As you know, cats have many different species. So the game cannot bring all cats for you to choose from. But of course there can’t be a few types, that will be boring for players. Currently, CatLife: BitLife Cats has popular cat types such as  Persian, Himalayan, Maine coon, Siamese, calico, sphynx… The developer will also add new cat species in upcoming updates. .

Choose your personality

In real life, each cat has different interests and personalities. It is not difficult to come across extremely adorable cats with gentle and lovable eyes. And of course, there are also ferocious and somewhat cruel cats. In the game CatLife: BitLife Cats too, you can create a unique personality for the cat you are playing. That makes the game more diverse, each player creates a different cat. You can even use two phones to play games. From there, you create two cats with opposite personalities.

Choose a place to live

Once your cat can run and jump, you need to choose a habitat for it. Currently the game has four different habitats for it to be explored. Be it a household, a shelter, a pet store or a street. This habitat selection is based on the cat’s real life. You can find them anywhere such as your home, pet store, garden, forest or wandering on the street.

Interact all animals

As a simulation game, CatLife: BitLife Cats wants to bring the most authentic experience to players. A cat’s life cannot be complete without dogs. Otherwise, there would be no dramatic chases, playful times of dogs and cats. Let your pet interact with other cats and dogs. You don’t have to be friends with them, you can continue to perpetuate the dog-cat feud.

Simple pictures

The image in the game CatLife: BitLife Cats is designed quite simply. Its graphics quality is only 2D, not too outstanding. Most of the images in the game are in the form of tables, text and options. Even the cats in the game are only distinguished by their avatars showing their faces. If the game adds 3D scenes in the playful, chasing scenes of cats and dogs, the game will be much better.

MOD APK version of CatLife: BitLife Cats

MOD features

  • Acquired Top Cat;
  • Use time machine for free.

Installation Instructions

  1. As the first step, please proceed to download the MOD APK file at the link below;
  2. Uninstall the original game if you installed it from Google Play;
  3. Grant permission to install apps from Unknown Sources. Normally, when installing the APK file for the first time, the system will automatically show an option to let you decide that;
  4. Open the downloaded APK file to proceed with the installation;
  5. Finally, you just open the game and experience it!

Download CatLife: BitLife Cats MOD APK for Android

With the exciting simulation gameplay of CatLife: BitLife Cats, anyone can play and be addicted by it. You can think of playing games as role-playing to experience what a cat’s life is like. Or simply you raise the cats you like as pet games. Or you do not have the conditions to raise a cat, this game helps you to raise a cat right on your phone with the same authentic feeling as in real life. Right now, you can download CatLife: BitLife Cats MOD APK to experience it!

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