Paradise:Waifu Dream v1.0.2 Mod APK (Menu, God Mode)

Last updated: 01/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.2
MOD Info:Menu, God Mode
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:MobGame Pte. Ltd.
Package:Google Play Link

Paradise: Waifu Dream is a strategy game with extremely attractive content. It gives you the freedom to choose beautiful waifus, send them to battle and date them.

Introduce about Paradise:Waifu Dream

Games about waifu are loved by many players. Especially single guys, they want to be happy for themselves, even if it’s just a bogus love. Today’s game is introduced as a tactical role-playing game, combined with elements of dating.

That is Paradise: Waifu Dream, a product of publisher MobGame Pte. Ltd. This is the first game of this game company, they have never appeared on the mobile game market before. But with only their first product, they were known by quite a few people. Because the game Paradise: Waifu Dream offers an immersive experience and makes players feel happy.

Immerse yourself in the world of Anime

Most of the waifu games are developed in the traditional Japanese Anime style. And so is the game Paradise: Waifu Dream. It brings you to a beautiful Anime world and unleashes exploration. With quality 3D graphics, the game brings sharp images, smooth motion and extremely vivid. The game offers more than 100 epic battle scenes of characters. These scenes are designed with beautiful sound, light and slow motion effects. You will feel like you are stepping into an Anime movie, with the main character being you, and you are the one who writes the plot for that movie.

Character system

With a perfect Anime world, you get to meet a lot of beautiful girls. Currently, the game has more than 50 girls in the character system. Accordingly, each character has different fighting abilities and their own skills. The most special part is still the shaping for those girls. They are designed with extremely beautiful and charming appearance. Even their costumes make you mesmerized. You can choose those girls for your harem. They can fight for you, they can also date you.

Through the Gacha system, you can recruit any character for your harem. Once you own them, you also have to upgrade their strength and equip them with the best items. Then you can lead the waifu army to engage in battle with the villainous forces.

Diverse game modes

Basically, Paradise: Waifu Dream is presented as a real-time strategy game. You get to choose your girls to participate in the battle with the enemy, or other players. With the main game mode, you have the opportunity to face players from all over the world. This mode helps you show your leadership, smart tactics. Defeat all players, you will become the strongest boss in the game.

In addition to the real-time PvP mode, the game also has a PvE mode. PvE mode will stick to the story, creating missions and activities for players to participate in every day. This mode for you to experience and collect valuable rewards and items.

Date any character

As a waifu game, of course Paradise: Waifu Dream cannot lack the dating element. You are collected in your harem many different characters. They are both beautiful girls and have extraordinary strength to fight for you. In addition to the battles, you get to chat with them and learn the story of each of them. The most important are the dating and love details between you and those girls.

MOD APK version of Paradise:Waifu Dream

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • God Mode
  • Damage Mutiplier (choose before the match starts)

Download Paradise:Waifu Dream MOD APK latest version for Android

Paradise: Waifu Dream brings a new and extremely attractive gameplay. You can both participate in tactical battles and discover the stories of the characters in the game. Especially when you can date your warriors, your waifus. What are you waiting for without downloading Paradise: Waifu Dream right away, you will be happy with your virtual wives!

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