Operation Black-Ark X APK v1.2.18 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 21/10/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.2.18
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Package:Google Play Link

Operation Black-Ark X APK is a strategy game that allows you to collect powerful characters and fight enemies on your own. You will be shown your ability to lead warriors in your mighty army.

Introduce about Operation Black-Ark X

Surely you still remember the Beat Wars Escalation Heroines game that REDMOD introduced before. And the game introduced in this article was produced and published with that game, by Digital Entertainment Ltd. In this new version, you will experience a very attractive strategic gameplay.


Game Operation Black-Ark X is set in the future world many years later. In the new era, mercenary companies are appearing more and more. As a result, the government armies were gradually dislodged. In particular, this world appeared a kind of mysterious enchantment covering the continent of Antarctica. There were a lot of mercenaries trapped in that enchantment season. Including a leader of a notorious mercenary group. And your mission in the game is to fight to rescue him. You have been assigned this important task, but you will not act alone. Build a strong army, warriors will fight with you.

Attractive strategic gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game is built in a familiar strategy style. However, the strategy in the game is not as intensive as other games of the same genre. Because this gameplay is also combined with dating elements. So most players are more interested in dating than fighting. But the nature of the game requires you to fight to be able to date.

You start the game by recruiting heroes to build a powerful force. Then build a base to operate. When your team is strong enough, you can go conquer every other army. You can fight alone, or team up with allies. Objects to fight for you are neighboring territories and cities. Show your great leadership, with the most glorious victories!

Character system and upgrades

Game Operation Black-Ark X brings an extremely diverse character system. Currently, the game has more than 90 main characters that you can meet. There are extremely beautiful female characters in your harem. These girls can not only fight, but can also fulfill your emotional needs. They are willing to do anything for you. You need to regularly upgrade and develop your characters. Or you can also equip them with the best items and weapons.

Graphics and sound

It’s a pity that the Operation Black-Ark X game was only developed with 2D graphics. The combat scenes are designed quite simply in a military simulation style. But in return, the scenes of dating or interacting with female characters in the game are designed quite impressively. In conversations or dating, you can admire extremely romantic 3D cutscenes.

Download Operation Black-Ark X APK latest version for Android

Overall, Operation Black-Ark X brings a rather new experience. However, the strategy element in the game is not as unique as other strategy games like Clash of Clans. But in return, you get to date extremely romantically with the beautiful girls in the game. Anyway, this is an extremely interesting game that you should not miss. The link to download the game Operation Black-Ark X APK is ready right below for you!

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