Bloons TD Battles 2 APK v3.3.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 05/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.3.2
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0
Publisher:ninja kiwi
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, it can be seen that strategy games have been released quite a bit. There are also some new products released but do not meet the needs of players who love the strategy genre. Of course, there are also some pretty impressive games like Clash Mini, Supercell’s new product. Or most recently, we have the game Bloons TD Battles 2.

Introduce about Bloons TD Battles 2

Surely the name Bloons TD Battles is no longer strange to those who like the tower defense strategy game genre. This is the famous game for many years of ninja kiwi. This game has received several tens of millions of downloads, along with millions of reviews from players. Following that success, the developer has continued to release Bloons TD Battles 2 version. This new product has just been officially released at the end of November. Immediately, it attracted a large number of players around the world. Especially those who loved the first Bloons TD Battles version.

A little about the developer

We repeat a little bit about ninja kiwi, the developer of the game introduced in this article. This is a game company founded by two brothers,  Chris and Stephen Harris. They are from New Zealand, and the company headquarters is also located in Auckland, New Zealand. They are famous for a series of fun but equally dramatic strategy games. Prominent among them are Bloons TD 6, Bloons TD Battles, SAS: Zombie Assault series,… Bloons TD Battles. And Bloons TD Battles 2 is the latest product launched by this developer. It promises to be a popular game in the near future.

Tactical gameplay

The gameplay in Bloons TD Battles 2 version has not changed much compared to the first version. It still carries the familiar tower defense tactical gameplay. Your task in this game is to choose the most powerful army to fight 1vs1 with other players. This is where you show off your tactical skills. Of course, it’s not enough to build an initial strategy, you need to know how to transform.

In the match, it is also important to change tactics according to the situation. You can also combine many different tactics to create unique power, surprising your opponent. Another important thing is the balance between the defensive front and the offensive front. Victory is only for those who have a smart brain and reasonable calculation. Therefore, Bloons TD Battles 2 is a game for the skilled, not for the lucky.

In the game’s 9 arenas, you are matched with other players of the same rank. But you still get to play your own style to present yourself as the best player. Climb to the top of the rankings to confirm it!

Build your strong army

With a diverse hero system, along with more than 21 different types of monkey towers, you can build yourself a powerful army. With a diverse army, you can easily create the most powerful squad before entering the match. Don’t forget you need to constantly upgrade your army. In addition, there are hundreds of different accessories for you to choose from.

Tower defense system and characters

In Bloons TD Battles 2 version, the game gives you 21 different types of defense towers. Each monkey tower has its own effect as well as its own advantages and disadvantages. The defense system is strong or not completely depends on your choice and arrangement. Each monkey tower needs to be upgraded to increase its strength. Each tower has up to 15 different upgrades.

The character system of Bloons TD Battles 2 version is taken from the first version. Of course, there are quite a few new heroes added. Each hero system has its own effect in arranging the squad and fighting. In particular, the strategy trend of this 2nd version is also different from the original, so you have to learn new ways to play to be able to win. As usual, you still have to upgrade your characters to make them stronger.

Unique style images

Basically, Bloons TD Battles 2 is still developed the same graphics as the first version. Still the familiar 2D graphics with a fun cartoon style. At first glance this version doesn’t seem like much of a novelty, but as you play the game, you’ll see what’s new in it. The quality of graphics in this part 2 has been significantly improved when bringing sharper image quality. Along with that are new arenas, new scenes that help the game make a difference. The most familiarity probably comes from the character system. And there are also a lot of new characters with unique looks for you to discover.

MOD APK version of Bloons TD Battles 2

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Download Bloons TD Battles 2 APK for Android

Still familiar gameplay, familiar graphics, but Bloons TD Battles 2 is not boring. Since it is loaded with tons of new content, it gives you completely new experiences. And in the future, the game will be added a series of new and more attractive content. Experience this game right away to show your talented military skills!

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