Darkfire Heroes v1.28.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Mana/Damage)

Last updated: 24/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.28.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Mana/Damage
Package:Google Play Link

Gather teams, build your strategy and lead the brave battle against enemies in this Darkfire Heroes game! Prove you’re a top-minded person with creative tactics. Apply it to match to win every victory! Never before has won so easy with our MOD APK version.

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Introduce game Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes is a strategy game developed by Rovio. This is the unit that usually produces titles adapted from PC or PlayStation to mobile. You can search for the publisher’s name to try more attractive games. About this game, it brings more new and diverse content. Unlike idle games, Darkfire Heroes allows you to show off your skills in an entire fight against an evil enemy or an evil dragon boss.


The rich kingdom has always been the target of greedy and wicked people. After the reigning person dies, there is always a lack of a true leader. Since that fateful day, all the people here have suffered the attacks and looting of evil swarms. Warriors from all over have gathered to fight them. However, they desperately need a leader to command everyone. You are the chosen one! Use your voice to summon all the strongest knights to join your army. Be ready to fight for peace in this kingdom, you will do it!


Fight with ultimate strategy

In this fantasy RPG adventure, your fighting strategy is very important. Choose the right hero to suit your strategy for each battle battle. Equip each hero with magic equipment and make sure they are fully upgraded and ready to go. With the appearance of more than 75 heroes, you will have countless combinations corresponding to each top strategy.

Each match you can bring with you 5 most powerful heroes. They will move in a straight line and face multiple waves of monsters. It can be 3 waves, 4 or 5 waves depending on the map. Finally, you will have to fight the final Boss to officially complete the level. Drag skills into areas with many monsters to “clear” them fastest. If you don’t have hands free, you can choose automatic mode and x2 speed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Take part in challenges, show off your skills and fight the Last Boss for valuable loot. Vanquish Lichen, giant spiders and fire-breathing dragons are all tough monsters. If your team is brave enough, start the quest on a harder level to get more powerful rewards and loot.

Challenging journey

Entering the world of Darkfire Heroes, you will embark on a heroic adventure. Explore hundreds of levels across more than 10 different plot locations. Your team will journey from ancient valleys to haunted castles, and from icy peaks to volcanoes. Your heroes are the only hope to defend this free land.

PvP Arena

Show off your skills in real-time battles and dominate the PVP Arena mode. With many attractive PVP modes, you will never get bored. Show your ability to friends and other players from all over the world. Play modes from fighting to intense competitions. Build your squad and dominate the PVP Arena. Climb the Trophy Road leaderboards and you will receive loot.

Clan building

Join the game with support from other players and friends. Join a mighty clan or build your own by recruiting the best players. You will receive a valuable family chest each week by battling other players in the PVP Arena. Share your favorite strategies, tactics and heroes in clan chat and become the most powerful clan in the kingdom.


Darkfire Heroes owns more than 75 knights with 6 different factions. Gather a team of knights, wizards, archers, clergy, mages, assassins, warriors, priests, and more to defeat the dark forces of every level. Each hero has unique special attacks and powerful combat skills. Watch your team focus on area damage, single target attack, healing or all to create the perfect combination.


The graphics of Darkfire Heroes really surprised us. When strategy games do not require high graphics, this game does very well. The visual effects, skills are very eye-catching and epic. Combined with vivid sound, Darkfire Heroes really makes all players feel excited.

MOD APK version of Darkfire Heroes

MOD feature

  • DMG MULTIPLE [1 – 99]

Download Darkfire Heroes MOD APK for Android

Upgrade your hero and win every victory in Darkfire Heroes. This strategy game is truly a masterpiece. From graphics to content and diverse game modes, Darkfire Heroes will satisfy even the most demanding players. Such an attractive and completely free game, what are you waiting for without experiencing it now!

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