The Battle Cats v13.3.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 25/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:13.3.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
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Cats are incredibly cute and beautiful creatures, make sure you’re a cat lover too. But have you seen how ferocious cats are in battle? Then you come to The Battle Cats game right now. Our MOD APK version will get you unlimited XP and cat food.

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Introduce about The Battle Cats

Coming to The Battle Cats, you will join a world that celebrates the power of cats. They are conscious, know how to build an army, and have strength. When this world was attacked by another species, our cats stood up to fight. You will control and command them in this exciting tower defense game. Simple operation, focused on building a strategy, can you succeed?

Addictive simple gameplay

Strategy development

Tower gamers always emphasize strategy building. Hands-on is just a minor factor, but it’s also quite important. In The Battle Cats, you and the cats will protect the army base. Enemies will continuously appear and move forward until destroyed. You need to consider what kind of animal the incoming enemy is and choose the cat that can counter them. Besides, you need to use money and arrange a reasonable order to win easily.

Game mechanics

During the time the enemy approaches you, the money will be accumulated and you can use it to summon cats. Gold coins will automatically increase and also drop around the map, then you can pick them up. When the gold coins increase to the cat’s summon price, you can tap the icon to send them to battle. The cat will continue to attack until they are killed. At the end of the game you have to keep the base from being destroyed to win.

Diverse Enemies

The enemies of cats are ugly and aggressive creatures. It can be dogs, hippos, snakes, wild boars… Each cat will have its own special stats to counter a certain type of enemy. If you summon the right cat, it will definitely win. Obviously you have to play for a while before you can remember it all. At that time, you will react quickly to any situation and do not waste money summoning cats that have no countermeasures.

Special items

The first levels will not be difficult because the enemy is still weak. You can easily pass without much effort. So what happens at the higher levels? Stronger, more numerous and diverse enemies make you lose your temper at times. Gold coins are not enough for you to summon more cats and too many types of enemies are coming. At that time, you need to be afraid of the help of special items.

You can choose upgraded weapons with great damage and spread. It will help you clear a large number of enemies in front of you. Temporarily help you avoid danger and regain composure to strengthen the squad. Alternatively, you can use power-up items. When used, your cat will increase in size many times. At the same time, their power is also stronger, able to defeat any enemy in a short time. However, special items will not be easy to find, you should only use them when it is really dangerous.

Many characters to choose from

The Battle Cats gives you over 300 different cats to choose from. Each cat has a unique, cute and funny appearance. They also have different skills for you to flexibly choose for each battle map. You can own more than 300 cats, but when you enter the battle, you can only bring up to 10. So choose the strongest cats, or simply you like to upgrade their strength.

You can upgrade cats by leveling them up. The maximum level that can be reached is 10. Your cat will be really strong if it reaches the maximum level, although many things are not easy. There are many ways to level up, in which the simple and inexpensive way is to let them fight.

PvP mode

Story mode will help you learn how to play and strengthen the cat army. But when you are strong enough and mastered how to play, join the PvP arena. Here, you will compete against many other players in the world. PvP arena not only has many attractive gifts, but it is also a place for you to learn. Absorbing gameplay, strategy, and squad building from skilled players is how you quickly improve your abilities. This mode also has a ranking feature, you can show yourself by reaching the top of the world rankings.

Graphics, sounds

You are not only entertained with the gameplay, but also entertained with the graphics of The Battle Cats. The animal images are extremely funny, sometimes making you unconsciously laugh because of their funnyness. 2D images are simple, not fussy but still create an attraction that is hard to refuse. All images in the game are completely hand drawn. Because of that, you will feel the closeness and softness of the game. It is that simplicity that makes this game unique.

Not only the image, the sound in the game is also extremely funny. Animal cries or battle sounds are very lively and interesting. There is no tension like fierce battles, but The Battle Cats aims to comfort players with many fresh, fun sounds.

MOD APK version of The Battle Cats

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

You’ll get huge amounts of XP and Cat Food from the start. They will not restore once you have used them up. But in our opinion, you can hardly use them all. Unless, you intentionally use waste!

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK for Android

The Battle Cats is the best game in the tower defense genre. Attractive, addictive gameplay that you can spend hours playing. Besides, cute and funny graphics create comfort, true to the nature of an entertainment game. You can unlock all 300+ cat characters using our MOD APK version. If you like this game, you can download it now!

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