Army Commander v3.4.1 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 24/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.4.1
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Lion Studios
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to Army Commander, you experience an extremely addictive strategic gameplay. And this gameplay is only for entertainment, not causing stress or requiring thinking from the player.

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Introducing Army Commander

Army Commander was released over a week ago by Lion Studios. As you probably already know, this is a pretty famous mobile game developer all over the world. Most of their games have extremely simple gameplay but have a high addictive element. And in the game Army Commander too! It is developed with the familiar tower defense style comb gameplay. But the battles in the game are fun, not stressful or demanding on thinking. Of course, the fun gameplay does not mean that it is not dramatic and exciting!

Story of the game

Once again, the whole world is in a never-ending war. This is a war for land and a war for the honor of nations. In particular, this is a large-scale war with many different countries. In the game, you are taken to any country to participate in this war. As a commander in chief, you must build a powerful army to fight every other enemy. Bring your army to conquer all neighboring countries, become the strongest and largest empire in this game.

Build your strong army

A strong army needs to have all the necessary elements such as equipment, weapons, means of combat, soldiers, generals, … To be able to recruit heroes and soldiers, you need must collect the cards. These cards can unlock characters for you to add to your force. The more you collect, the more powerful your army becomes. Remember, your opponent is also constantly upgrading their army, which means you must also continuously develop for your country.

Next is the selection of combat equipment. You also need to unlock new combat equipment and weapons. You can attack and defeat enemies with tanks, bazookas or even fly fighter planes!

In addition to developing a combat-ready armed force, you also have to develop a defense system. Enemies can attack you at any time. So, let’s build solid defensive stations, always ready mentally and force to fight.

Simple strategic gameplay

In the match, you need to have a reasonable strategy to defeat the enemy. Of course, whether the army is strong or weak is quite important in deciding victory or defeat. But with a good leader, a weaker army can completely win against a strong power. As long as you have a reasonable strategy, not too complicated, you can conquer all neighboring countries. Choose the right soldiers and means of combat depending on the time and terrain of the battle, victory will be in your hands.

In addition to fighting alone, you can also choose for yourself an allied faction. Countries in the same alliance can help each other and defeat other factions. This is also a smart strategy that you need to research.

Animated 3D graphics

With a fun strategic gameplay, Army Commander is developed with a fairly simple image in a cartoon style. However, the game is still equipped with pretty good quality 3D graphics. The game image is very sharp and stands out with bright colors. All characters and buildings in the game are created quite simply. It is this visual style that brings a new experience in the strategy game genre.

Summary of main features

  • Play as a commander-in-chief, develop the most powerful army for your country;
  • Collect new cards to unlock new characters;
  • Develop units Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain;
  • Unlock new premium devices;
  • Build a solid defense system;
  • Prepare an army ready to fight the invading enemy;
  • Take your troops to conquer other countries;
  • Capture the enemy’s flag to win;
  • Select allies to support each other;
  • Eye-catching animated 3D graphics;
  • Become the best leader, make your country the most powerful empire!

MOD APK version of Army Commander

MOD features

  • Remove Ads
  • MOD menu. Disable the waste of tokens. Turn off this feature if there is a quest Collect your cards.

Download Army Commander MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Lion Studio continues to deliver a great game for mobile. You will experience a unique strategy gameplay like never before! Along with that is a fun cartoon style 3D image, making you unable to stop while playing the game. The link to download the game Army Commander MOD APK is ready below for you.

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