Northgard v2.2.2 Mod APK (All DLC Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.2.2
MOD Info:All DLC Unlocked
Requires:Android 8.0+
Package:Google Play Link

The Vikings are trying to fight and survive in a place called Northgard! Join Northgard MOD APK to help them build, expand and manage their area. Choose the Clan you want and build a great empire!

Introduce game Northgard

Northgard MOD APK is a strategy game with a setting in Norse mythology. There, you will command and manage the ancient Viking race that controls a mysterious new-found continent. Realistic graphics make for the most extreme moments you’ve ever seen. Only one Clan can survive in the end, the war never stops!


After years of grueling exploration, the Vikings have found a continent suitable for survival. Although there are many resources to exploit, this place is fraught with dangers. This mysterious land is called Northgard! The bravest  northerns  have set sail to explore and conquer these new shores. They wanted to bring fame to their  Family  and make history through conquering, trading, or worshiping the gods. This would only happen if they survived the dangers of Werewolves and Undead warriors moving across the land. The harshest time in the North will be the challenge for them to prove their ability.

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Fight for your territory

Try the Life of Mellow experience if you love survival simulation gameplay.

Story Mode RIG’S SAGA

In Northgard, you can experience many different game modes. But the RIG’S SAGA story mode will bring more features and challenges to you.

“The supreme king of the Vikings was murdered and his  Royal Horn  was stolen by a man named  Hagen.
This event began when  Rig, his son, heir, and Brand – his right hand crossed the new continent  Northgard.
This continent is where he will make new friends and enemies and discover a threat far greater than Hagen. On top of that, Rig might be able to find the reason behind his father’s assassination.”


Choose your clan

To complete the 11 chapters of Northgard’s story, you need to start by choosing your Clan. The game gives you 6 Clans to choose from and accompany you until the end of the game. Try to understand the characteristics of Clans, you will easily master this wild land.

  • Snake’s Clan: Act from the shadows and lead with cunning guerrilla tactics
  • Dragon’s Clan: Stick to the old ways and please the gods with sacrifices
  • Kraken Clan: Kraken Clan: Exploit the bounty of the sea and unleash its ferocious power.

You can unlock the Snakes, Dragons and Kraken clans separately by purchasing DLCs or together with the Scale Packs .

  • Horse’s Clan: Devote yourself to the art of blacksmithing and crafting powerful Relics
  • Ox’s Clan: Equip your ancestors’ equipment and prove your ancestors’ power
  • Lynx’s Clan: Apply Nature’s way and lure mythical prey into ambush

Clans of the Horse, Ox, and Lynx can be unlocked separately by purchasing DLCs or together with the  Fur Bundle .

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Exploit resources, hunt for survival

Resource extraction and construction

Northgard is a new, unexplored land. Therefore, there are many important resources for clans to survive. It took the Vikings many years to discover this mysterious place. Wood, food, gold ore, iron, wildlife… abound around the continent. You move to explore the complex terrain around. Then choose a perfect place to build your main house. The perfect place is in the midst of important resources, especially near the coast.

Build the essential structures first so you can survive. Build houses for clans, military zones, markets, weapons manufacturing sites, military equipment… These constructions need to be prioritized first, because you can’t know when the danger will come when any. Resources such as wood, iron and gold will be essential for you to build more buildings.

Manage your clan

Assign your Vikings to do different jobs. Farmer, sailor, warrior, construction worker or any other job you deem necessary. In Northgard, you can get more Vikings from the main house. They will help you complete all the work on the continent to grow faster. Everyone has to work, so you will create a united, prosperous clan. Good family management is also the first step for you to build a powerful empire.

Territory expansion

Although Northgard is a large place, you are not alone. 6 other clans are also gradually growing along with your progress. Therefore, you need to quickly capture important territories. Military-friendly, resource-rich locations should be prioritized first. If you let other clans take it, you will have a hard time surviving.

Another way for you to expand your territory is to conquer other clans. From military facilities you can create powerful warriors. Upgrade weapons, armor will help them quickly sweep the enemy. Destroy other Vikings, destroy buildings and take them all. Incorporate that territory into your clan and bring your Viking there to build and develop. But remember, other clans can also attack you. Therefore, you need to manage your attack and defense well.

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The setting of ancient Northgard is full of mysteries

Play with friends

With 6 different clans, that means you can play with 5 other players. Invite your friends to join you in creating a real battle. Mining, building and developing together and show off your military and combat commanding skills. This mode will make for a lot more engaging gameplay than the story mode. If there are not enough 6 people, you can also add BOT to start the game.


Northgard brings you a vast and beautiful continent. The ancient background is extremely eye-catching and realistic through highly detailed images. We are impressed with the way the publisher created the Northgard map, it makes players feel like they are living in that time, that place. Dramatic battles continuously take place with many eye-catching visual effects. The sound of fighting, building and mining also makes the game more vivid.

MOD APK version of Northgard

MOD features

  • All DLC Unlocked

Download Northgard MOD APK for Android

Overall, Northgard MOD APK is a diverse and attractive strategy game. It has many game modes, many clans for you to choose from. Northgard’s gameplay is a diverse combination of strategy, simulation and management. Moreover, it also has pretty good graphics with many highly detailed images. The Norse mythological setting will help players discover many fascinating and engaging stories. A game worth experiencing, don’t miss it!

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