Nextgen: Truck Simulator v1.9.9 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 17/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.9.9
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Tassimov Games
Package:Google Play Link

Do you want to try your hand at driving missions? Come to Nextgen: Truck Simulator, you will be able to control many different vehicles and complete extremely difficult tasks, only for players with skilled steering!

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Introducing Nextgen: Truck Simulator

Nextgen: Truck Simulator is published by Tassimov Games. Although this is their debut title, it has attracted a lot of players around the world. Hopefully in the future, they will release many such high-quality games. Accordingly, Nextgen: Truck Simulator is a simulation game with extremely diverse gameplay. You are free to adventure on trucks, off-road vehicles, military vehicles … and perform assigned tasks. And the game’s 3D graphics will bring you a more vivid experience than ever.

Vehicle system

Usually, driving simulation games only let you play with any type of vehicle. Of course, that way of playing is still interesting, but quickly makes you feel bored. But coming to Nextgen: Truck Simulator, you are free to explore and drive many different vehicles. The game offers an extremely diverse vehicle system. Through each mission, you can choose and conquer a new vehicle. It can be trucks, military vehicles, off-road cars, SUVs… These vehicles are designed in extremely detailed, even more beautiful than cars in real life.

Simulation gameplay

As you know, driving simulation games will have the gameplay of completing the task according to the use of that vehicle. For example, passenger taxis, military vehicles, cargo trucks, police cars to catch criminals… But in the game Nextgen: Truck Simulator, it includes all those tasks. As mentioned above, you have the choice to drive many different vehicles, which means you have to complete many different tasks.

In each location, you are assigned a different mission. And each mission is that you have to drive a different type of vehicle. The task of the game will gradually increase in difficulty to challenge the player. You need to make sure your steering is skilled to conquer all the challenges in the game.

Adventure in many beautiful locations

With simulation gameplay, but you feel like you are doing an adventure. You can sit in the car you like, and drive on beautiful roads. With a diverse map system, you can drive to many places with landscapes such as tourist areas. It can be the roads in the city, the roads in the mountains, the road near the sea,… Each place has its own beauty for you to explore. That helps you have a diverse experience, not as boring as just driving in the city.

Not for amateur players

The simulation gameplay of Nextgen: Truck Simulator is not much different from other games of the same genre. However, it is not intended for inexperienced players. From the beginning, the game’s driving modes are not easy, requiring you to have previous experience and driving skills. Of course, you can still learn from scratch, but it will be quite difficult and take a long time. If you are confident in your driving ability, enter the game and conquer all the hardest missions of Nextgen: Truck Simulator.

Graphics and sound

In addition to attractive simulation gameplay, the graphics are also an impressive point that players appreciate in this game. Nextgen: Truck Simulator is equipped with the highest quality 3D graphics by the developer today. Thanks to that, players will have a more authentic experience than ever. This is an essential element for a driving simulation game.

As for the visual design, you can see that the scenes in the game are created like in real life. Those are places like streets, hills, mountains, snowy roads, etc. The feeling when you play the game is like you are watching the actual footage. From houses, roads, things,… to people, vehicles… everything is unbelievably perfect. In particular, you can also drive according to the changing environment and weather like in real life. You can drive when it’s raining, it’s snowing, or you can drive at night.

The sound integration also contributes to the success of this game. The sound of the car’s engine, or the sound of a collision, the sound of a car brake, … creates realistic and engaging driving scenes.

MOD APK version of Nextgen: Truck Simulator

MOD features

Unlimited Money

Download Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK latest Android

Overall, Nextgen: Truck Simulator offers a different experience compared to other games of the same genre. You will be challenged with many different types of vehicles. And especially, you are adventure on beautiful snowy hills and roads. Download Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK now to experience this great game!

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