Truck Simulator PRO Europe v2.6.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 15/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.6.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:Mageeks Apps & Games
Package:Google Play Link

Truck Simulator PRO Europe MOD APK is not just a game, it’s a real job! Download and start your first truck driving experience.

Introduce about Truck Simulator PRO Europe

Most of today’s young people often love majestic and beautiful supercar models. They like the feeling of lightheadedness when driving a BMW, Ferrari or Mercedes. But there are still players who want a more realistic experience. Heavy trucks are also the challenges they aim for. Therefore, today I will introduce to everyone the truck driving simulation game Truck Simulator PRO Europe.

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Choose the truck model you like

Currently, Truck Simulator PRO Europe only has 8 different types of trucks. Each type of vehicle will be divided by weight so that you can gradually get used to it. Let’s start with the small ones, about half a ton. It will be easier to drive on difficult roads and is suitable when you are just learning to drive. Later on, you can change to larger payloads to drive when you are confident in your abilities.

You can customize your car to make it stronger and more beautiful. Paint the car color, add eye-catching decorative accessories to the exterior. An eye-catching car will also make you more inspired to drive on famous roads. So how to make your car healthier? Upgrade the engine, wheels and other parts to make it work faster. Thanks to that, even if you carry a lot of goods, your car will not be slow and slow.

Beginner’s Guide

If this is your first time driving a truck, don’t skip the training tutorial. It will help you better understand each control button present in the car. I believe that Truck Simulator PRO Europe has more detail than any other similar game in terms of control system. More control buttons, more car information elements because it simulates extremely realistically. You will also receive driving instructions in each case for easy handling when participating in driving for the first orders.

Hundreds of different missions

You’ll never run out of things to do in Truck Simulator PRO Europe! Each mission has its own goals for you to accomplish. They will continuously unlock so you can choose the most profitable orders. Successful trips will contribute to business growth and better income. Hundreds of quests are waiting for you, get and complete it now!

Open world map

Truck Simulator PRO Europe gives you exciting experiences about more than 10 countries in Europe. Including 18 of the most beautiful and famous cities, you can choose your favorite city. Each city will include different missions and the difficulty is also increased gradually. Still important is the driving challenge as you have to make deliveries on time, obey traffic laws and drive through complex roads. Completing the missions of this city will help you to unlock the next city.

Truth factor

But as I said at the beginning, Truck Simulator PRO Europe is like a real job. In this game you will experience all the real work of a truck driver. It is realistic from the controls to the elements of life.

Regarding driving, you will have all the controls of a truck. Realistic manual clutch, shift modes and steering wheel. You will drive in a first-person perspective to clearly see the car interior and the road. You can clearly see vehicle parameters such as speed, vehicle temperature or fuel tank status. The truck also has real fuel consumption and integrates the vehicle’s fatigue system. Almost everything a truck has is added to the driving system inside the game.

Other realistic effects such as traffic laws and backgrounds are also included. You must comply with traffic laws such as stopping at lights, speed limits on each section of the road… The European city scene is detailed to each feature. It makes you feel like you are walking on every famous road that is extremely beautiful.

MOD APK version of Truck Simulator PRO Europe

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Note: You choose an existing profile with a lot of money. If you want to play the original version, you just need to create a new profile.

Download Truck Simulator PRO Europe MOD APK latest version for Android

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is where you become the king of the roads! It is the product of an experienced developer of realistic simulation games. If you’re a fan of truck driving then don’t wait any longer, Europe adventure is officially open!

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