Stickman Ninja Fight v4.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 19/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

For anime fans, Stickman Ninja Fight MOD APK is an attractive entertaining action game. Join millions of players on a magical ninja journey. Build your strongest ninja team to fight against the evil forces of darkness. Dramatic action sequences throughout more than 300 levels will make you unable to take your eyes off!

Introduce about Stickman Ninja Fight

Stickman Ninja Fight is an online fighting game for Andoid. This is the game for the Ninja in Japanese anime. Play as your favorite character and fight with many other players around the world. This game also has a fairly long storyline and a diverse character system. The beautiful skill effects make an impression on players and increase the attractiveness of fighting matches. In addition, this game also has many different game modes and features to help you have interesting free time.

In addition to the Ninja genre, you can experience the action of DC movie heroes in DC Battle Arena.

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Diverse character and upgrade system, many features

Interesting plot

This game will delight you with the presence of several interesting story chapters. More than 10 story chapters, spanning more than 300 levels will keep you amused. There, in addition to the dramatic battles, you can also witness the development of several events. Much of the plot in this game is inspired by the anime series. Especially Naruto, this anime makes up most of the content and characters in the game. Players will fight to reach the final chapters of the story. Your Ninja journey will be honored when you can fight the dark forces.

Character system

Stickman Ninja Fight collects all the apprentice Ninja in the Naruto series. These Ninjas are also known as Shinobi, they have the desire to become the strongest. Naruto, Sasuke or other Shinobi of Konoha, Sand village, Mist village… are all present in this game. You can have all of these Ninjas, but you can only bring one into battle.

Characters are classified according to the A, AA, S, SS and SSS stats. If you own an SSS level Ninja, you will definitely have the majority of the winning rate. These Ninjas in addition to the perfect set of stats from attack to defense, they also have powerful special skills. A character can have different levels thanks to the upgrade. For example Sasuke, he appears in cards from A to SSS.


In Stickman Ninja Fight there are 2 types of upgrades that you can take advantage of. The first is to upgrade the cards, which are the stats from A to SSS as above. If you have an A tier character, you can collect character shards that can be upgraded to AA and to S tiers. Remember, you need to collect the correct shards and tier you have. Character shards you can earn through events, spins, or during the main quest. Upgrading the card also helps the character to change his appearance more beautiful.

The second type of upgrade is a direct impact on the character’s stats. This upgrade is simpler, you just need a lot of gold. You will upgrade the character’s level, and the total stats will also increase. From damage, total HP, speed and KI, all will increase with the number of times you upgrade. Unlocking your character’s level cap allows you to increase the number of upgrades even higher.

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Dramatic fighting action in ranked matches

Dramatic action gameplay

The battles in Stickman Ninja Fight are all 1vs1, 2vs2 fighting matches. Players will control their character to move, attack and defend. Attacks will store KI (a form of energy in the anime), so that the character can use his skills. The higher the skill level, the more KI will be used, and the total KI can be upgraded. But the most important is still how you store KI in the match. Every hit that hits the target or successfully shoots is stacked with KI.

The control interface in this game is also extremely simple. If you’ve played other role-playing or action games, Stickman Ninja Fight is similar. On the left are the navigation buttons and on the right are skills and attacks. Characteristic of this fighting genre is the reflexes and subtlety of the player. If you can read your opponent’s movements, you will have the upper hand in every match.


Stickman Ninja Fight is an online fighting game, so the ranking mode is indispensable. In solo queue mode, you will meet players of the same rank as you. This is a balance in ranking, allowing players to meet opponents of the same strength. This game has many ranks, ranging from the lowest D to S. The higher the rank, the more powerful opponents you will meet. At that time, calculated competitions will take place.

You can also join your friends in double ranked matches. Two people with different ratings can still pair up. This mode requires a lot of team strategy, not just the talent of each person. If you enter the match with a specific strategy, you will be proactive and hold more advantages than your opponent. The ranking rewards each season always contain many valuable items. So try to get high ratings. If you can, try to be in the top 10. The system will always have extremely valuable limited rewards for you.

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Unique graphics, great music and sound effects


Stickman Ninja Fight takes the theme of the famous Japanese anime series – Naruto. The characters in the game are all Shinobi appearing in this series. They are designed to resemble the original, but there are no facial details. You can only recognize them through their skills, appearance, and costumes. Regarding the main graphics, we are also extremely impressed with the visual effects and skills in the game. Smooth animations make the player’s actions more beautiful and engaging.

Great music and sound effects also keep players inspired. Exciting background music and battle sounds in every great battle are indispensable. Coming to Stickman Ninja Fight, you will never get bored with the perfect fighting battles from graphics to sound.

MOD APK version of Stickman Ninja Fight

MOD features

  • Unlimited coins and diamonds
  • You can make free purchases with real money
  • Get free rewards without watching ads

Download Stickman Ninja Fight MOD APK for Android

Overall, Stickman Ninja Fight is an addictive action game with many additions. Especially the main theme is taken from the Naruto anime that many players love. The beautiful action scenes and extremely attractive gameplay make this game always appreciated. Download the game now and you can start your magical Ninja journey!

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