Blue Oath v1.4.90 Mod APK (MOD Menu)

Last updated: 19/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.90
MOD Info:MOD Menu
Size:2 GB
Package:Google Play Link

A naval combat RPG game has just been officially released. Released by ZephyrusGames, Blue Oath is highly appreciated for both content and graphics. To make the game experience easier, you can consider using our Blue Oath MOD APK version.

Introduce about Blue Oath

Blue Oath is a classic Japanese game. There is no denying the popularity of this game when the PC version was released. Now, the joy has come to those who want to experience this game on Mobile. The APK version of Blue Oath has officially been released and is rated not too much inferior to the PC. Attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, experience now!

Context in the game

The war happened, leaving not only the ruins but also the strong and profound thoughts of the people in this world. A story of ups and downs is drawn authentically. The strong echo of Asu Asu pushed the naval warriors to their feet. By Australia’s energy development and operation, “Senki” was officially born. The curtain of fate gradually lifted …


Built with the context of naval warfare, Blue Oath’s gameplay is mainly dramatic battles at sea. You will build your base, your base, and train your elite navy. Collect all of the most powerful equipment and ready to defend or attack the enemy. Excellent naval squadrons with a high level of maneuverability that require precise control. Not only flexible in movement, but you also have to be tactical and responsive in the situation.


As a 3D game, Blue Oath requires a lot of player moves. With a flexible camera, you will see many angles in the game. You must always be in control of your position on the chaotic and more proactive battlefield. Maneuver flexibly to evade critical damage from the enemy. The scroll keys are streamlined, suitable for the phone screen. This helps you to perform operations more accurately and quickly.

Battle at sea

Join the battles in Blue Oath to be able to experience many modern weapons and warships. The enemy’s shelling, drones, airstrikes, and battleships are always gazing at you. You control and command your troops to attack strongly, paving the way for the green ball.

Full story

Blue Oath experience is not just about playing, you also enjoy a story full of ups and downs of characters in the game. A true voiced main story by Japanese voice actors. You will feel a real war happening.


Blue Oath is developed with Senki’s animated 3D graphics. Each Senki has a beautiful 2D image and free motion 3D. And with the AR Camera function, you can project any angle of your character. Japanese cartoon characters are extremely cute and beautiful. The vivid sound in battles will also make you feel excited.

Blue Oath MOD APK version

MOD feature

  • Silence the Enemy
  • Great Damage
  • Rapid Fire On The First Gun

Download Blue Oath MOD APK

An RPG game with top-notch graphics and engaging gameplay that you should not miss. Also, you will experience and explore the fascinating story of the main characters. Along with that is demonstrating the ability to lead and command the military to gain sovereignty and control over the sea. What are you waiting for without experiencing Blue Oath right with us at the link below?

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