BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO APK v1.00 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 01/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.00
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO APK is the latest installment in SNK CORPORATION’s ACA NEOGEO series. Currently the game is available on Google Play for you to download and experience.


This is not a new game appearing on the entertainment market. It was a “side-scrolling platform” role-playing game that was quite popular many years ago. And this is just the mobile version adapted from the original on console platforms only. In this article, we bring the BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO APK version for you. This is a modified, installable free on Android devices.

The sequel to the ACA NEOGEO . series

REDMOD has introduced the ACA NEOGEO series in a few previous posts. Again, this is a mobile game series adapted from popular console games many years ago. This series of games is published by SNK. They want to bring the familiar experience from legendary games on the four-button system, to the mobile platform. The two previous versions we introduced were ART OF FIGHTING ACA NEOGEO and SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO. And the game featured in this article is BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO, the latest in the ACA NEOGEO series.


Coming to the game BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO, you come to the world of Raguy. This is a peaceful planet, inhabited by Insectarians. This place was originally peaceful and happy, but was threatened by an evil force. That is the unique Daruma Empire, they invaded this peaceful planet with the goal of plundering its resources.

At that time, the princess of this planet, Fa, was looking for someone with extraordinary strength to drive out the Daruma Empire. And you are that hero, the one chosen to rescue Raguy. You will play the role of Blue, the main character of the game. You have the ability to stun enemies, pick them up and throw them into projectiles. In addition, you can also shrink to reach hidden areas. Fight every enemy based on your extraordinary fighting ability and strength!

And ending the story in the game will have many different directions. You have to play to the end of the game, no matter if you win or lose. You can only play again when the game has finished the story. So this game will have many different endings for you to explore.


Basically, the gameplay in the game is developed in a “side-scrolling platform” adventure role-playing style. You will control your main character to fight the enemies that appear on the screen. Every time you defeat an enemy, you have to move to the right of the screen to explore new locations. In new locations, you have to face more powerful enemies.

In general, the gameplay of the mobile version has not changed compared to the original on console devices. Only the control system has been improved, to be more suitable for touch devices. And of course, how to play on the phone is also quite simple, it only takes you a few minutes to get used to it.

Classic graphics

BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO is still developed in the familiar classic style. True to the developer’s intention, they wanted to bring a familiar experience from many years ago to the mobile platform, so they still chose classic pixel art graphics for this version. All images in the game are designed quite simply. Overall, the graphics on the mobile version are no different from the original.



Paid: Game BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO is on sale on Google Play for $3.99. However, the APK version that we bring is free to pay. You can easily download and install it at no cost.

Download BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, the game BLUE’S JOURNEY ACA NEOGEO is not a novelty game. And its gameplay and graphics are not more prominent than today’s modern games. But it offers a familiar experience of many years ago. So it’s only for those who love the classic art style only. How about you?

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