Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer v1.0.3 Mod APK (Free Drawn)

Last updated: 27/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.3
MOD Info:Free Drawn
Requires:Android 8.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer APK is the latest version in Spike Chunsoft’s famous Danganronpa series for many years.

Introducing Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer

Referring to Danganronpa, you are probably too familiar with this name. This is one of the oldest video game brands, and is famous all over the world. Originally, this game franchise was created by Kazutaka Kodaka and developed and owned by Spike Chunsoft. The first game in this series was released in 2010. So far, there have been many versions in this series released. And Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer is the latest product in the Danganronpa brand.

Accordingly, this version was first released at the end of 2021 for the Nintendo Switch platform. Last June 2022, the version for Windows was released. And until now, near the end of July, the mobile version of Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer has just been released. So now you can easily experience the game on your smartphone, play it whenever you want.

Previous Danganronpa versions: Danganronpa V3, Danganronpa 2.

Story of the game

The plot of the new Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer is developed based on Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, released since 2017. Accordingly, the game is set in a tropical resort called Jabberwock Island. Joining the game, players will follow a group of 62 students and related people on a strange trip. This is a journey of hope during the 50-day summer screening program.

The game begins with the  nine character Komaru Naegi. He was invited to participate in a pilot program organized by Hope’s Peak Academy High School. This is a program created for graduating students. And he and a group of other students and students set off on an adventure with this exciting program, at the island of Jabberwock.

Multi-mode role-playing gameplay

Coming to the new version, players have the choice to experience two main game modes. It’s Evolution and Battle mode. In Development mode, players level up different  Danganronpa  characters. The game format is in the form of  table divided squares, played for 50 turns. In it, with each turn representing a day in the game. Each board will have six islands for you to conquer. To move to the new island, you must defeat the Bosses on the current island.

Battle Mode takes you to mysterious dungeons. Here, you need to form teams of up to four characters that you own to fight the enemy floors. Your enemies are in the “Tower of Despair” 200 stories high. After conquering 10 floors, you have to face a boss. If you can defeat it, you can access the next 10 floors. In particular, completing certain floors in Battle mode will give you a few perks in Evolution mode. These perks help you progress faster.

Character system

The game offers a very diverse character system. You will see familiar characters in previous Danganronpa versions. And of course there will also be new characters appearing. Currently, the game owns 62 characters for you to freely collect. These characters are divided into 4 rarity levels. To own the new character, you must use the coins obtained in the Battle mode. Or you complete the milestone and get good achievements can also unlock new characters. How rare the character can be opened depends on the luck of each player.

Graphics and images

In terms of graphics, the game is developed with 2D graphics in classic style. This is the familiar style that you often see in previous Danganronpa versions. As for the image, it is designed in an eye-catching cartoon style. The characters in the game are still shaped like the old versions. The character will show up in two forms. One is to display the illustration style, every time the story is told, the character is created in more detail and more eye-catching. In the game, the characters are made in a simpler and smaller chibi style. In general, the visuals in this version are nothing new compared to previous releases.

MOD APK version of Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer

MOD feature

  • Paid: Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer is released for mobile platforms, but it is not free. As for the PC version, it sells for $ 19.99, a price that is not small. But when launching the mobile version, the price is reduced, to $ 13.99. And of course, this price is still quite high compared to a mobile game. That’s not because it’s such a compelling game, but because of its brand. So we bring you Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer APK version completely free for you.
  • Free Drawn: You can also draw if the badge is 0 in the welfare agency.

Download Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer still offers quite familiar gameplay. But with new content and new features, you won’t get bored while experiencing this version. Currently, we are finalizing the APK version. And it will be brought to you as soon as possible. Please wait!

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