Layton: Lost Future in HD APK v1.0.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.2
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:LEVEL-5 Inc
Package:Google Play Link

As you probably know, Layton is a famous brand of adventure games of LEVEL-5 Inc. This publisher has released many previous versions of Layton. And each game has received the favorite of the majority of players. It is worth mentioning that most of those versions cost quite a bit. But players still spend money to buy this game. Therefore, Layton is really a high quality game brand.

About Layton: Lost Future in HD

Recently, LEVEL-5 Inc continues to release the latest version of this game brand. This latest installment is called Layton: Lost Future in HD. The game was just released yesterday, July 14. As usual, it is a paid game, sold for $ 13.99. This is a really expensive price for a mobile game. Because currently, there are not many mobile games sold at such high prices.

The plot of the game

In the game, you will continue the adventure journey with the protagonist Professor Layton. After solving countless difficult questions, he received a mysterious letter. The person who sent this letter was his assistant Luke, but the special thing here was that this letter was sent 10 years later. Luke foresaw his own bad future and that of Professor Layton, so he sent this letter to the professor. At first, Layton thought this was just a joke. But he was surprised to see what happened to him. From there, Layton had to solve his own problem, along with his assistant Luke.

Adventure gameplay

Layton: Lost Future in HD has developed an adventure-style gameplay. In addition, the game also incorporates the thinking element of the puzzle game. This game offers many quests, challenges and hundreds of conundrums for you to solve. During the process of completing quests and puzzles, you will gradually understand the plot of this game. Layton: Lost Future in HD gameplay is not too difficult to get used to, but it is difficult to overcome all the puzzles. Can you finish it?

APK version of Layton: Lost Future in HD

In this article, we provide Layton: Lost Future in HD APK version for you. This version has paid via Google Play. Therefore, you can download, install and play the game for free.

Download Layton: Lost Future in HD APK for Android

Overall, Layton: Lost Future in HD offers an exciting adventure game, worth your experience. And the only minus point of this game is that the price is quite high. And this has been fixed with Layton: Lost Future in HD APK. Right now, you can download it completely free to experience it!

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