My Darkest Moment APK v1.02 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 04/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.02
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 9.0+
Package:Google Play Link

My Darkest Moment APK is a game with a surprising emotional weight. Meet an unlucky character, do you want to help him become more loving?

Introducing My Darkest Moment

People look to games to find entertainment and comfort content to relax their spirits. But My Darkest Moment is a rather strange game, even confusing. This simulation game has a rather gloomy, depressing and tiring color. You will meet a character who is drowning in the abyss of his mind. Try to complete the challenges, maybe you will make him happier. So how does this game play?

Dark background

If you are looking for a game to entertain, then My Darkest Moment is probably not suitable. This game is more introspective of the player. The gloomy atmosphere covers the whole place with deep, dark tones. The surroundings are eerily quiet, you can barely feel any signs of joy. Slow, lifeless people make the scene even more blurred. More than that, you also witness a non-trivial plot about an unlucky character.


Our main character is a person of unknown gender. He had an odd appearance, an emotionless face with a long nose. Apparently, he was wearing a strange face and so were the people around him. This character is shunned, gradually becomes depressed and trapped in inner suffering. He walked through the crowded streets, step by step, step by step into the devastating darkness. Not long after that, he gradually disappeared amidst the interwoven picture between the real and virtual worlds. Can you give him an arm and pull him out of this heavy inner spiral?

Complete the challenges

You come to the game My Darkest Moment with the main purpose of helping our main character. You need to complete the challenges to return bright colors to his gloomy inner world. In this game, many challenges have been prepared for you. Each level, you need a little thinking and observance to realize the solutions. With a little ingenuity, you can definitely do it. Many times, you need to approach challenges in a non-standard way. The answer of the challenge may be beyond your imagination, do not play mechanically!

The game is highly humane

The selfishness of those around can cause a person to sink into a terrifying silence. They are self-deprecating in front of the crowd and always move with their faces down. That is the message that the game wants to convey to everyone. Mental damage can sometimes be a hundred times more painful than physical damage. They will not be able to live comfortably and happily when there are people out there who avoid them.

Besides, completing the challenges to help the main character is also very meaningful. This game can be played by anyone, which means that anyone can help in such poor circumstances. Instead of leaving them alone, you can fulfill some of their wishes. An example of a level in the game where the main character really wants to see a shooting star. When you complete the challenge, the meteor will fly by and he will show a happy smile.


My Darkest Moment is a simulation game with pretty simple graphics. The 2D images are hand drawn, sketching a lifeless background. It also shows the current protagonist’s mood, depressed and heavy introspection. The main colors of the game are dark colors, not suitable for entertainment. The challenges are also designed to be simple, it focuses mainly on the player’s thinking. Besides, this game has quiet sound, the ticking of the clock seems to be the only thing you can hear clearly.

APK version of My Darkest Moment

You can completely download the game directly from the Google Play store. It costs about $ 1, quite cheap and suitable for any player. But when you have come here, you will definitely experience this game for free. You just need to download the My Darkest Moment APK file below the article, install it on your phone and give it permission to start the experience.

Download My Darkest Moment APK latest for Android

My Darkest Moment APK is a quite meaningful and humane game. It shows the darkest moments of people through the main character. But then, you will find the first light in life through completing challenges. My Darkest Moment is not an entertaining game, so the graphics and colors are quite muted. This game has a lot of emotional weight, you will play with emotions and mind more than hand manipulation. Please join the game to better understand its meaning!

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