Coromon v1.3.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 06/04/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Freedom! Games
Package:Google Play Link

Renew your experience with the classic Coromon game. Simple 2D graphics and beautiful Pixel art images will make you temporarily forget the super 3D games. Coromon offers an immersive storyline, turn-based combat, and challenging puzzles for a classic genre.

Introduce game Coromon

Coromon is a game developed by Freedom! Games. It offers you extremely engaging adventure and role-playing gameplay. Coromon is also a modern monster taming game with piexel art graphics. Add to that an interesting storyline with many cute characters, sure to give you a new, exciting experience.

Diverse, easy-to-access gameplay

Many genres are included in this Coromon game. It’s both an RPG and adventure genre, and it’s also a strategy genre. Therefore, the variety in gameplay also makes an extremely attractive Coromon.

The matches are full of plans

As a turn-based game, Coromon requires players to have a good strategy. There are many ways to attack, but not all of you can use it first. You need to choose the right time to be able to launch the decisive blow and defeat them. If you do not take enough damage during the critical turn, you will most likely lose backwards. Each HP stat is also very important, you need to calculate the damage to align properly. As long as you have 1 HP stat, you can turn defeat into victory.

If you encounter a monster that is too strong, you can “run away”. Exiting before the end of the match will help you keep your HP. However, you may not always be able to run away successfully. Just press the “run away” button at the bottom, and whether it succeeds or not depends on your luck. If you fail, you must fight to the end.

Conquer Coromon

In addition to role-playing elements, strategy and adventure, you can also recruit monsters to your team. If you meet any new monsters along the way, open the battle. Fight until they have a small amount of health left, then you just need to use Spinner skill. Now you have captured them in your collection. They will be your right hand man in the future. Thanks to this feature, meeting monsters on the way is no longer a hindrance, but an opportunity for you to diversify your collection.

Customize Coromon, character

You can customize Coromon to suit your gameplay. What style of play do you like? Total force attack or fabrication? With over 150 different Coromon, you can freely choose and make them suit you as best as possible.Not only that, you can also customize the character to create unique look. It is the main character that you scroll through the maps and represent you.

Challenging puzzles

Each map has interesting challenges for players. The weeds that you accidentally enter will appear puzzles. You will receive a reward if you answer correctly. Everything has two sides, if you get it wrong, you will lose a certain amount of HP. The puzzles in Coromon are mostly fun puzzles, this is another form of entertainment for you.

Large map, increased difficulty

The areas in Coromon are unique to explore. Each area contains its own themes. You will have to go through countless different maps and challenges to be able to complete the game. Besides, the more you go to the end, the more difficulty will increase. If you are not strong enough, you may not be able to meet the final Boss in each map.


Coromon full controller support. You will be instructed in detail how to move, how to attack, use skills … The character in the game is very easy to control with the mechanism of horizontal and vertical movement. How to use the skill is even simpler just by touching it.

Save the game

You can save the game progress at any time. You can also leave it automatically saved if you want. Coromon allows you to save multiple stages of the game. You can re-experience each stage at any time.


The uniqueness of this game is the classic depiction. Without using 3D shading technology, too vivid visual effects, Coromon gives players artistic and beautiful pixel art images. The cartoon Coromon is extremely cute design but does not lose its powerful appearance. In terms of sound, the background music with more than 50 tracks is integrated to inspire players.

MOD APK version of Coromon

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: In the game has already saved 2 profiles, if you start the game from those 2 records, you will receive a large amount of money.

Download Coromon MOD APK for Android

Challenging games will often attract players. Coromon is a similar game, you will not be able to easily pass any level. Each map is a different experience, join Coromon to feel the charm of this game!

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