Mimicry: Online Horror Action APK v1.4.3 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 27/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.4.3
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Euphoria Horror Games
Package:Google Play Link

Mimicry: Online Horror Action is an extremely engaging action role-playing game. It takes the horror theme, combined with the online action gameplay, giving you an unprecedented experience.

Introducing Mimicry: Online Horror Action

Horror game is a game genre that is loved by many players. But most of them are offline games. Although it still has its own appeal, when you play alone, it cannot be as interesting as when playing multiplayer. And Mimicry: Online Horror Action is the first online horror game to be released. The game allows you to enter the haunting game with friends or players around the world. If you are a weak-hearted or mentally weak person, the game is not for you.

Famous developer

Mimicry: Online Horror Action is developed and published by Euphoria Horror Games. They are a well-known mobile game developer. They focus mainly on one game genre, which is horror games. Prominent among them are the two game series Antarctica 88 and Death Park. In an earlier article, REDMOD introduced readers to a version of this publisher, which is Death Park 2. Accordingly, Mimicry: Online Horror Action still carries a familiar horror theme. But in this latest game, you will have an online adventure with many other players. Not only is it a battle of bravery, but also a tense battle of wits to find out who the monster is.

Character customization

In each level, you can choose and customize your character. The game offers many different options for appearance such as face, hair, clothes… for you to change your appearance. Thanks to that, each player has a different character, with their own style, so they don’t have to worry about the same character. Create a unique character to your liking with a simple, or wacky style. Be it a dashing guy, a pretty girl, or a weirdo with multicolored hair…

Online role-playing action gameplay

The game is developed in the direction of multiplayer action role-playing. It does not have a long storyline like other horror games, but the levels revolve around a story that repeats many times. Do you think the story repeated many times will be boring and unattractive? Take a closer look at the rules of the game below, you will understand the appeal of the game. After you choose a character, you along with other players begin the journey to find out who the monster is.


Each stage takes place with 9 players. That means you and 8 other players are divided into two different systems to play. Players are randomly divided into two types, one is a normal human and the other is a monster. These are two opposing factions, trying to defeat each other to win.

If those were on the monster side, their mission was to exterminate all humans. If it is not possible to destroy them all, when the game ends, the human side will win. And conversely, if the humans were completely annihilated, then the monsters would win.

On the human side, they had to hide, stay away from the monsters so that they could not destroy. And they must quickly move to a safe place, before the monster kills them all. But the difficulty here is that they must be wary of the unpredictable transformation of the monster. If the player is tricked, they will be knocked down unexpectedly.

Various maps

If there was only one room or a small house, of course the monster would easily win. But in Mimicry: Online Horror Action, the map is quite diverse with many different locations. This creates fairness for both the monster and human factions. Players can use the strategy of constantly moving between locations to avoid monsters. Or they can stay in one place to hide. Conversely, monsters can also choose either of those two ways to stalk humans. With so many locations, any player needs to calculate and have an appropriate strategy.

Realistic graphics

Not only possessing attractive gameplay, this game also offers quite impressive graphics. In the horror games previously Euphoria Horror Games possess high quality 3D graphics. And so does Mimicry: Online Horror Action, it brings the best, sharpest image quality to players. From the design of the location, the space to the character creation, all are completed in detail and carefully. Especially shaping the characters and monsters. Those are extremely realistic shapes, bringing the most vivid experience to players.

Summary of main features

  • There is only one rule of the game, the victory belongs to the smart;
  • Randomly become human or monster;
  • Action gameplay with horror situations;
  • Choose and customize your character to your liking;
  • Large map with many different locations;
  • Choose the right weapon in a diverse arsenal;
  • High-end 3D graphics, realistic experience;

Download Mimicry: Online Horror Action APK for Android

Surely you have never played a horror game that has a unique experience like Mimicry: Online Horror Action. An attractive online gameplay, along with extremely realistic and vivid graphics. If you like it, you can download it now to experience it. Note, this game is only for those 16 years or older. Because of the horror scenes tyrong game is not suitable for children!

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