Death Park 2 v1.5.3 Mod APK (Unlocked Levels)

Last updated: 16/12/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.5.3
MOD Info:Unlocked Levels
Publisher:Euphoria Horror
Package:Google Play Link

Death Park 2 is a sequel to the newly released game of the same name. This is an offline horror action game released by Euphoria Horror. Below is the MOD version of this game, you can consider using.

Introduce about Death Park 2

Death Park 2 is a game with beautiful graphics and dramatic and attractive gameplay. Not only that, but you also discover a thrilling storyline to the end. Maps, vast environments and countless monsters are lurking at you. Choose the most powerful weapons to pass all levels and get the best ending.


At the beginning of the story, you find yourself in a space of mystery and dangerous stalking. In that horror, you must regain your spirit and uncover the mystery of Death Park. Before that, your sister was hit by the clown Pennywise. This is a cunning and cunning guy who will use every means to stop you. Start your adventure, discover the origin of everything, save your sister and escape from this devilish place.


The main gameplay in Death Park 2 is that you will use weapons to defeat all monsters. There are many types of weapons for you to choose from in the store. The map in Death Park 2 includes a total of 8 different locations with 2 difficulty levels. You can move flexibly between real and virtual worlds to fight clown Pennywise. He is also the target you need to destroy in order to rescue your sister. Each location will have a lot of monsters constantly rushing and attacking you. Use a weapon to shoot down all of them and keep maximum health.

Not only fighting objects, you will have to solve puzzles to open gates to new locations. Each puzzle will have 2 levels of difficulty and change itself with each adventure. The difficulty will also increase gradually as you reach the final locations. You can also use the clown Pennywise as the main character. However, you will need to purchase it if you want to own him.

Various endings

There are 8 different endings in the game Death Park 2. Survival will depend on your decisions on action. Without teammates, you will have to unilaterally fight and decide your own fate. Are you ready to unlock all ends of this horror movie.


As a shooting role-playing game, it is clear that Death Park 2 will have vivid 3D graphics. The setting turned up gloomy like a horror movie. Monsters are diverse in genres and have flexible movements. The on-screen controls are easy to control, making it easy to move and shoot the gun.

The sound in the game always appears suddenly with the terrible screams of monsters. Add to that and gunshots and horror background music and horrifying atmosphere. This is also what makes Death Park 2 look like a thrilling action thriller.

MOD APK version of Death Park 2

MOD feature

To make the game experience easier, please try our MOD version.

  • Unlocked all levels
  • Do not insert ads
  • Unlocked all weapons
  • Unlocked character Pennywise
  • Immortality

Download Death Park 2 MOD APK for Android

You will be pleased to experience the top horror action game Death Park 2. The adventure of defeating monsters is overwhelming in the vast Farland map. Especially your fascinating wits battle with the scary clown Pennywise. Do you hesitate without experiencing this great game with us right away.

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