Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break v1.1.3 Mod APK (Dumb Enemy)

Last updated: 06/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.3
MOD Info:Dumb Enemy
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Keplerians Horror Games
Package:Google Play Link

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break MOD APK is an action game combining horror puzzle. It offers a unique storyline and extremely engaging gameplay. Can you overcome the puzzles and horror situations in the game?

Introducing Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break

Referring to the horror puzzle game genre, you probably already know the Evil Nun or Ice Scream series. Those are two famous horror game series from the publisher Keplerians Horror Games. They are a quite famous game company worldwide on the topic of horror games. And the game Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break featured in this article is their latest product. It was just released in mid-July recently.

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is not a brand new game. It is the sequel to the game Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room. Version Mr. The first Meat was released in 2018, which was loved by quite a few players. Therefore, the developer has continued to release the second version, which is Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break. Accordingly, this game is developed to continue the plot, but takes place in a new context. Along with that are new characters, new features so that players do not get bored.

Continuation plot

The plot in this second part takes place after the story in the first part ends. In the previous part, the villain is Mr. Meat was caught by the police and imprisoned for the crimes he committed. After years of being locked up in a prison, now he is about to be executed. All the people involved in that case were present at the prison to witness this incident.

In the new season, you will play as Rebecca, the daughter of Mr. Meat. In the previous part, this little girl was rescued. But in the second season, this little girl falls into a nightmare of her father being executed. Once there, you will discover a whole new context. Mr. Meat escaped and he hunted everyone down for revenge. You must find a way to escape from Mr. Meat and the ferocious Pig.

Action gameplay combined with puzzle

As a little girl, you have to face your fears to try to escape from the enemies. That is Mr. Meat and his ferocious pig. They are back and more aggressive, more dangerous. Therefore, the journey of adventure and discovery in this second part will be much more difficult than the first part.

Each level, you have to solve difficult puzzles. Those may be pitfalls that the enemy presents, so must find a way to overcome. The only way to overcome those puzzles is by careful observation, logical reasoning. Every unstable detail that appears in the room can be a clue for you to solve the puzzle. These puzzles take place in the rooms and corridors of the mysterious prison. That is where Mr. Meat is about to be executed.

Realistic graphics

In the first part, Mr. Meat is highly appreciated for its high-quality 3D graphics, providing a realistic experience for players. And of course, Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is a newer version, certainly the graphics can’t be worse than the first. It still has the same graphic design style as part 1, but is more upgraded in quality. Along with that, it brings a new context to the game, so that players have a new experience.

Sound and background music

Another important factor that contributes to a realistic and vivid experience for the game is the background music and sound. In the journey of discovery, you will clearly feel every sound of footsteps, objects, … Along with that, the background music is integrated into the game according to the tempo. Those songs have tunes that are appropriate for the circumstances that play out as you play.

MOD APK version of Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break

MOD features

  • Dumb Enemy

Download Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break MOD APK latest version for Android

Still the familiar gameplay, but the second part is definitely not boring. It gives you a storyline experience with more engaging new content. Along with that, the graphics background has also been upgraded, operating more smoothly. So Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break MOD APK will be a game that you cannot miss! You have two options, the original from Google Play, or the MOD APK that we provide. They are all free for you!

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