Gerand – Bent Barrels v1.66 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 21/11/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.66
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:AIR Game
Package:Google Play Link

If you are looking for a shooting action game, Gerand – Bent Barrels can be an attractive choice. Spectacular tank battles are waiting for you in this game. Choose your favorite vehicle, equip it with weapons and get ready to defeat all enemies. Don’t forget we have attached the Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK version below the article. It will help you get many free gifts!

Introduce game Gerand – Bent Barrels

Gerand – Bent Barrels is a colorful arcade action game for mobile. This genre has quite a few variations, for example Boom Karts with extremely attractive racing gameplay. In the game, you will control your tanks in dramatic battles. With two game modes, it allows you to have more experience. Especially the 1vs1 mode is extremely attractive, you will compete with many other players in the world. Upgrade your tank and make it a monster that will terrify anyone. Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding elements of this game!

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Unlock the most powerful tanks

Buy the most powerful tank

Owning a powerful tank, you can increase your win rate even higher! Indeed, this shooting game in addition to manipulation, you need powerful vehicles. In the store there are many different types of tanks, each with unique special skills. Obviously, if you spend a lot of money there will be the most powerful tanks. But that’s not all! If you subscribe to VIP, you get access to first-class tanks. Surely they will give you more advantages in battle.

Complete missions every day to get valuable rewards. From there, you can work on upgrading your tank to a new power threshold. More powerful weapons, better defenses and extra special skills. Gerand – Bent Barrels allows you to infinitely upgrade the power of your tank. What matters is whether you have enough resources to upgrade them.

Addictive action gameplay

In Gerand – Bent Barrels, you will control your tanks. Opponents are always lurking and ready to attack. Move logically and shoot bullets to destroy enemy vehicles. But you have to be careful, because sometimes there will be unexpected bosses appearing on your way. If you fight them directly, you will definitely take damage. Therefore, this game always emphasizes strategy, especially the ability to move smart.

This is a fast-paced action game, so you’ll quickly get sucked into each battle. Enemies are constantly attacking, you need to stay focused in all situations. Imagine the fiery, passionate and explosive tank battlefield scene. That’s what you can experience in this great game.

Game mode

Currently, Gerand – Bent Barrels is having 2 different game modes, 1vs1 and story mode. Each mode has its own appeal and gives you many rewards. It is expected that the publisher will launch a 2vs2 mode so you can join your friends.

Gerand - Bent Barrels 888x500
Online 1vs1 fighting mode is extremely attractive

Story mode

In this mode you will have to complete the challenges of the system. Each challenge corresponds to a different story branch. In general, this can be considered as the perfect stepping stone for you to practice how to play, test tactics. The closer to the last chapters, the more difficult the difficulty increases, it will certainly create more challenges for you. Especially the tank bosses, they have extremely strong attack and defense. However, they will also have weaknesses and you need to be a bit observant to recognize them.

This mode in addition to helping you practice combat skills, it also offers many valuable rewards. First, you can unlock more new tanks each time you complete a certain story. Each combat vehicle will have its own distinct modes. Over time, you can upgrade in every way to increase the combat power of the tank. If you own the Storm Mouse or Patun, you will make the enemy terrify as soon as you hear their name.

1vs1 fighting mode

It can be said that this is the best and most attractive mode in Gerand – Bent Barrels. All preparation and practice in story mode is a stepping stone for players to participate in 1vs1 battles. This feature is quite unique and new in driving shooting games. Here, you will have to join the battle with an opponent you come across on the battlefield. The two of you will be transported to a new map and find a way to defeat the enemy. The battle will only end when one of the 2 tanks is completely destroyed.

This mode is like a way for you to show your ability to apply reasonable tactics. Besides, show the world’s opponents your powerful tank. When to defend, when to attack and when to use itam appropriately are all things you need to know in every match. Such dramatic mind battles have created a strong attraction for Gerand – Bent Barrels.

Gerand - Bent Barrels MOD 888x500
Great graphics with beautiful visual effects

2vs2 mode (Coming soon)

2vs2 mode is a convergence of good 1vs1 fighting ability and excellent teamwork. Now you can join your friends on the world rankings. The two will support each other, and create unique combinations together. We believe that this 2vs2 mode will soon be of top interest. Simply because this is a new mode, and equally attractive.


Gerand – Bent Barrels has an eye-catching 3D animation style. This action game has tons of vivid and colorful visual effects. You will feel the battles really frenzy with images of tanks, flying bullets, bombs and missiles… Every smooth movement of objects in the game makes players feel at ease. more roof. Along with the sounds of tanks, weapons and bombs exploding… creating extremely attractive battles.

MOD APK version of Gerand – Bent Barrels

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping : you can buy paid items with real money for free

Download Gerand – Bent Barrels MOD APK for Android

Gerand – Bent Barrels is one of the most worth playing arcade action games today. Extremely attractive gameplay, great graphics, this game is very suitable for you to entertain in your free time. This game is downloadable from Google Play, but you will get many benefits by downloading our MOD APK version below. Download the game, load the barrel and join the most dramatic battles!

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