Mafia King of Underground Deluxe APK v1.1.0 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 06/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Do you want to become the boss of the notorious gang, a rich guy with beautiful girls always surrounding him? Join now in the game Mafia King of Underground Deluxe, you will realize that dream.

Introducing Mafia King of Underground Deluxe

Mafia King of Underground Deluxe is an RPG combined with simulation. It is developed by LT Games, a fairly familiar name that we have mentioned in many previous articles. They bring outstanding games like PS Girls Deluxe, Lord of Lewds or Sin City Deluxe.

And Mafia King of Underground Deluxe is the latest product from this developer. As usual, the game was released on Nutaku, the adult gaming platform. This game is developed with simulation role-playing gameplay combined with many elements such as management, business, dating,… You will experience an extremely attractive and addictive gameplay!

Immerse yourself in the underworld

The place you come to in Mafia King of Underground Deluxe is an underground world. This place is the operating area of the gangsters, the business tycoons and the top players of the city. Many activities take place in this city such as fighting, competing for territory, competing in business, trading banned goods, fighting for status,… A chaotic world, not for the weak weak and incapable of leadership.

In this game, you become a rich boss. You hold money, status and powerful power. But of course, you have to learn how to maintain and develop your inherent position. Just a little carelessness, you will pay the price by fierce competition with opponents in this game. Show your leadership, competitiveness and top-notch thinking in this battle.

Play your way

In this underworld, you are free to explore and play your way. You can do whatever you like, serving your life and work. You are even free to choose and decide your life. But of course, to be a successful person that everyone respects, you have to play smart.

There are many choices about your life in this game. Be it a business magnate, a famous billionaire, a notorious gangster or simply a playboy and flirt with all the sexy women…

You have to make the right and breakthrough decisions in the game situations. Words, choices and decisions all directly affect your life. You have to face the consequences with every decision you make. Therefore, you must think carefully before doing something. If you take the right strategic steps, you will get success. From there you will get fame, money and even love.

Enter the competitive wars

To survive in the world full of gangsters and criminals, you must show yourself as a powerful and influential person. You not only compete in business, but also compete in many other ways. Sometimes there are dramatic fights between gangs. And of course, you are not afraid of any opponent, defeat all enemies with your inherent strength.

Chat, flirt with your girls

The appeal of the Mafia King of Underground Deluxe game also comes from the conversations between you and your staff. As a tycoon, you can hire anyone to work for you. They not only serve you at work, but also serve your daily life. You can chat with them every day, give them gifts or take them to the cinema, shopping mall… And especially, you can date anyone you like. You can even date all the girls in this game.

Download Mafia King of Underground Deluxe APK latest version for Android

It can be seen that the gameplay of this game is quite similar to Sin City Deluxe. Even the visual design, these two games have many similarities. But of course, the experience of the two games has its own appeal and fun.

There are many players requesting the MOD for Mafia King of Underground Deluxe. However, currently the MOD version has not been completed. We will bring this special edition for you soon. For now, you can download the original below to experience it!

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